Morph Loader Pro: Working morphs on Fit items

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Hey guys, me again!

Does anybody know how to fix this issue?  If I add a morph to a figure in Morph Loader Pro, it works just fine for clothes/hair/whatever because it adds a hidden version of that morph to those objects, as well. (Attachment 1)

However, if I save and reload, that morph is gone from those objects, and they no longer fit properly. (Attachment 2)

I know that saving the morph as an Morph Asset fixes this, but often I don't want to have this morph for future characters, I just want it to load properly on this one without cluttering up my properties tree; setting up the property properly is a pain, anyway.

Does anybody know a better workaround for this?

Thanks for checking this out!

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    Can you please post a screen shot in smooth shaded view for the 2nd image

  • You mean without the black bars?  I originally flagged the post as NSFW because I hadn't hidden the nudity, but then realized that I could just put black bars to deal with that.  I did not change any of the shading between the two pictures.

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    yes but if you use smooth shaded it doesn't show the details, and would pass Daz 3D rules on Nudity, or should I say No nudity.

  • Okay, should be fixed up.  Thanks!

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    I can not understand clear what actually cause your problem,,and how you save and reload it,,,


    but if you do not save morph as morph Assets,,(dsf in data)   you may need to save the figure as scene or scene  subset.

    Usually it keep morph which you added without save it . . ( these duf file can nclude morph data which not saved in data/dsf)


    And the Hidden morph means Auto follow morph from character ?  Actor  morphs are auto transffered when the clothing or hair (another figure)

     "fit to" character.Figure,,when character use the moprh. .


    then when you load and  check the Actor parameter, (not clothing or hair)  , morph which you made before are still there?  

    If the Actor still have the moprh,, but not auto-followed , you may try,, un-fit clothing or hair items once, then fit-to again.

    or delete items, and re-load hair and clothing then fit to Actor.


    after that character moprh  which currently used will be transfered again. (I remember,, some ds version with Poser type figure,, have this problem,,

    but I do not check it with new DS 4.9,, Usually I save moprh as morph assets. even though it only need for temp work)


    if you clear discribe,, which figure (genesis or V4 etc)  you used,, and how you save and load,, I can check it,,.

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    Save  as what?


  • Alright, I'll try explaining again:

    I make a new scene, add G3F, and shrink her down.  I set her Resolution to Base, shrink her down, and export that as an OBJ.  This is to be loaded as a morph with Morph Loader Pro.

    I make a new scene, add G3F, and add Toulouse Hair to her.  I use Morph Loader Pro to load in the shrunken morph from before.  It works just fine.

    In Attachment 1, you can see the new morph as "tinyg3f" under "Morphs/Morph Loader".  In Attachment 2, you can see that Morph Loader Pro also added a hidden parameter to the hair, also called "tinyg3f".

    I then save this scene as a Scene called tiny.duf (Ctrl+Shift+S).

    Upon reloading tiny.duf, I get the result in Attachment 3.  The "tinyg3f" morph is still on the G3F figure.

    But as you can see in Attachment 4, the automatically-generated "tinyg3f" hidden morph on the hair is missing.

    I've tried deleting the hair and adding a new one; this doesn't work, as the new hair also does not get the hidden morph.

    Deleting the morph on G3F and then reloading it through Morph Loader Pro causes the correct result, but that is once again broken when I resave and reload.


    Screenshot 2016-02-25 19.03.42.png
    1345 x 767 - 93K
    Screenshot 2016-02-25 19.03.39.png
    1343 x 763 - 85K
    Screenshot 2016-02-25 19.04.17.png
    1347 x 771 - 101K
    Screenshot 2016-02-25 19.04.35.png
    1351 x 771 - 98K
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    You seems find problem which need to send suport ticket.

    I save the scene, with figure applied moprh (not save as morph assets), and item.

    then re-load the scene,, as you mentioned, the item not auto-followd moprh.

    then I un-fit, re-fit, or load new item, then tweak actor morph value,, but still it can not work.


    Next I try save as scene subset,, Actor with item (not parented Actor) , then reload the subset.

    it can not work.. I delete the shirt and re-load shirt,, but it can not work.


    Only when I save Actor without shirt as scene subset,, then load the subset,, and shirt for the Acor again,,

    it seems auto follow correctly. 


    I may try,, save as scene subset,, Actor with item keep parented,, ,, but anyway,

    in ds 4.9 current beta version, seems can not keep auto-followd morph with scene and scene subset.

  • kitakoredazkitakoredaz Posts: 3,526

    Then,, if you set the auto-followed morph of item,  as un-hidden,, (though you need to tweak parameter setting,,)

    then save it as scene, (maybe scene subset can work too),,   it seems record the auto-followd moprh too..(without save as morph assets)

    I feel,, it is bug.  (some ds version had almost same problem I believe,, ,)


  • Could you step me through that again?  If I unhide the auto-follow morphs on the item, it doesn't seem to fix the problem when I save and then reload P:

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    I am sorry,, you need to save eitem individually ^^;

    it is really strange, but if you save shirt (with set morph as not hidden), and save actor, individually,

    Now have you scene, where Actor keep the morph?

    then first try, delete all items which fit to Actor from the scene. once. then save it as scene subset.

    after that load the item again,, it should work.


    then if you set auto-follow morph not hidden,, then save the item only as scene subset, the subset keep the auto-follow moprh.



  • kitakoredazkitakoredaz Posts: 3,526

    mm,,, it seems we need to save item individually,,if item fit to Actor,, then save the Actor with the item,,as scene or scene subset,

    then load the scene, the Actor lost abitlity to auto follow the morph.  but if you save the Actor only again,, the Actor return ability to auto follow morph.

    I can re-produce these cylce again and again,, ,,,though  it is really strange.



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    It looks like the easiest way to get this working is to add a small offset to all of the hidden morphs.  As long as they aren't exactly equal to the value of the morph that they're following, they seem to save out just fine.

    Must be time to write a script for that P:


    Edit:  Though that apparently doesn't solve new clothes not receiving the morph.  Booooooooooooooooooo

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    Yes,, so that try,,,only save your Actor,, I now confirm,, it is not problem of clothing,, but Actor ability.

    if you save actor with clothing,, the Actor can not transfer morph (which you have not saved as morph assets).


    but about same scene,, if you save the Actor again without any fit to item,, then load the Actor,,

    she return ability ^^;;;     really really strange ,,,


    I tested too many scene and sbuset,, now, then Ican not detect what is conditions to work it.

    but,, ,,anyway,, just remove all item without actor from the scene,,

    then save it as subset or scene,, and loat the Actor,, the actor can transfer same morph again ^^; believe me!

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  • Hmmm, that's not working on my side.  I'm:

    Making a new, empty scene

    Adding G3F

    Applying the tinyg3f morph

    Saving just the character as a Scene Subset

    Making a new, empty scene

    Adding the Scene Subset

    Trying to add clothes

    ... And the clothes don't get the morph P:

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    version problem?  I curerntly use beta ds

    I shut down ds, then re-load same scene,, the actor (gen3f) have morph, and can transfer it with new load item.

    but if I save the scene, with fit to item,, then load the scene,, she lost abiliity.. even though I load new item,, she can not transfer the morph.


    then I delete all the item which fit to Actor,, (now there is only Actor, in the scene,)  then save the actor as subset.

    delete scene,, loat the actor subset,, then load item,,, it retrun auto-follow.

    Of course, the morph not saved as morph assets,, I repeat this cylce,, with same scene.

    then it seems not problem,, when she lost ability to transfer moprhs.. when I save with item,, she lost ability,

    when I save her without fit to item,, then load it,, she return ability to transfer morph. ^^;

    (if you use another version,, then it can not work,, maybe,, daz try to remove problem,, in beta,, then still keep problem

    differently I feel,, )


    1310 x 796 - 300K
    1242 x 743 - 147K
    1230 x 742 - 163K
    1271 x 788 - 248K
    1255 x 700 - 301K
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  • Hmmm, must be a version issue.  I'm on, and that sounds like exactly what I did (and it didn't work).

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    I may test with current product version too,,, may need re-produce anotehr morph,,

    (if there is another case,, my cycle work,,, ^^; but actually the morph 1 not saved as morph asset,,

    and I can load the actor with ability to transfer morph 1(auto follow), but when I save her with item,, she can not,, funny angel


     I test with ds , from scratch,, make new morph for gen3man,,then it seems same.

    only when I save the actor without any fit to item,,as scene (subset), she can transfer , auto-follow morph on item (fit to).

    I re-produce same cylce. as same as ds,, it may be more complex,, if you add Auto-fit items etc,

    but after all,, there seems clear problem.. at least save as scene need to remain everything as same as before.

    this problem  will be asked here and there I believe.  thanks mr.mauve  , show the probelm. I send ticket now.

    Request #213193

    saved morphs as scene, can not auto follow correctly

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    Hi,, I have send suport ticket with pic,, , then suporter reply thrree times,,,, but unfortunately,, dev team  can not re-create this bug ^^;

    Of course,, I try same thing, everytime,, I see this problem, then send same steps,,,

    , but dev teams can not re-create bug,    then she ask me,

    "One thing to try would be to do would be to uninstall Daz Studio and any plugins installed for it,

    and then do a fresh install of Daz 4.9 public beta, and not install any plugins.

    Then, run the morph test and let me know your results." sad


    what plug-in you have installed?  because,, as for me,, I have not install many plug-in I beleive.. if it only happen me and you,,

    we may have same plug-in,, or same conditions, which cause thise problem,,


    garibaldi hair,, or  key mate,, animate-2,, decimator,,, but I do not believe those plug-in cause this problem,,

    (Actually I do not un-install ds ,, and re-install any-more,,,, then if no one can confrim it,, I may leave it off,,)


    I may find way to correct it,, then discribe, daz stuido forum, beta topic,, but I can not get reply from dev and support,

    ( I need to edit duf code,,, then can not recommend the way , and I can not confirm it hosuld work for each case)

    then hope if you can see same problem,, just send support ticket.. without it,, daz seems not correct it. (or

    daz think, it  only happen for some user with their individual setting, )

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