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Please read the Guidelines for the contest and place only your entries in this thread. The emphasis is on humorous interpretation of the statements below. Entries will have the Mad Lib substitutions in (    ) in the statements, so you'll know what word(s) they used.

"You bought WHAT?"  (Stormlyght)

"Hmmm..."  (Lyam)

"You definitely should not have more than one (of those!)"  (Knittingmommy)

"It wasn't me!" (barbult)

"Whew, that was close." (Ivy)

"I did it!" (Saphirewild)

"I swear, it was the cat/dog!"  (isidorn)

"Ok, now I'm a believer." (Novica)

"I don't know, just make something up!" (FirstBastion)

And now for Hoppity's Mad Libs. Please note, in the Entry Thread, put the _________ part in (       ) so we know what you have filled in to make it unique. You can only use ONE word, of your choice, in these statements:

"And that's why I can't ________ anymore..."  (Hoppity)

"She/he/it __________ because it happened so fast!" 

"When they went to the _________________,  everything went crazy!" 

"Another reason not to ____________ when driving." 

And here's two Combination Mad Libs, put the number of words as indicated in  (  )  Come up with whacky renders!  

"But I've always wanted to _______(up to 2) on / in a  ______(1) and ___________________. (up to 5 words.)  

"My dream ____________ (up to 3) definitely includes ___________________(up to 5 words.) 

NO COMMENTS IN THIS THREAD. It is for entries only. Thank you!


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    Gopherus #01

    "And that's why I can't (Pogo) anymore..."

    Toon Big 5 Bundle

    3D Universe Toon Snake

    3D Universe Toon Mouse


    An elephant that I met came from the Serengeti…  He smiled when I did not understand.
    Then he told me all about the stampede…  he said it was the largest in the land.

    And the snake said…
    No!, no!, no!, no!  I can’t Pogo anymore… I’m tired of waking up in the dirt.
    No, thank you, please…  I don’t want to stampede.
    It only makes my body really hurt!

    No, no, no, no!  I can’t hop around anymore…  This old body can’t take it like before.
    You might get some action…  but you wind up in traction.
    And the next day your body is awfully sore!

    No, no, no, no!  I can’t stampede anymore…  I can’t tell you how many muscles that I tore.
    It would be a mistake…  to make this old body ache.
    And to grease myself with liniment is a chore!

    800 x 1000 - 962K
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    Positive Reinforcement

    "Ok, now I'm a believer." Entry #1

    Basicwear for M4

    Jai Hair

    i13 Yoga Studio

    Keeping an eye toward those goals made for New Year Resolutions.

    1450 x 1876 - 2M
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    Here is my 1st entry saying "I did it"

    Titled: I Found The Toy Factory

    It is not just the man but also his inner boy

    Jordon Hair

    Toy Factory


    I found the toy factory 3.jpg
    800 x 800 - 173K
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    Title: "Oh, you don't say..."    (Novica  Non-Entry) (Madlibs- the bold is the fill in the blank)

    "But I've always wanted to capture ninjas in a forest... and it's criminal, it's so easy."

     Also applicable: (just for laughs)

    "My dream "Couples Competition Weekend" definitely included losing her really quickly!"

    Dragontech Ninja

    Muelsfell Hagswood

    Ragnar Gianni 7

    HFS Wraith Suit for Genesis 2 and 3 Males

    FWSA Brayden HD for Leo 7



    1499 x 1500 - 2M
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    Dragons and Orcs


    "My dream __about flying__ definitely includes __almost anything except dragons__." (Entry 1)

    1.) Raw Oagre

    2.) More Deadly Edges

    3.) Crowns for Genesis


    4.) V4 Morphing Fantasy Dress

    5.) M4 Bodysuit

    6.) Dragon's Tower

    7.) Millenium Dragon 2.0

    Orcs and Dragons.jpg
    1076 x 1076 - 732K
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    Orcs again

    When they went to the __surface__, everything went crazy!. (Entry 2)

    1.) Dragon Mortar

    2.) Dragon Ballista

    3.) Cleave


    4.) Dragon's Tower

    Orcs Again.png
    1076 x 1076 - 606K
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    Cactus Growth Hormone (CGH)

    "Ok, now I'm a believer."  Entry #1

    Table Tennis

    Supersuit Troopers

    Michael Football Gear (no link in store anymore)

    Taking CGH didn't seem to be helping Rabbicus's athletic abilities.
    He tried baseball, but just couldn't grasp it.
    He tried football but couldn't hold on to the ball.
    He tried soccer, but didn't have the foot for it.
    Finally, he discovered his true talent, as all cacti are wont to do - Fencing!

    (click on image for larger render)

    1200 x 1200 - 2M
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    Title: Dreaming
    "My dream of true love definitely includes you, and you alone, cheri."
    Vintage Noir  
    Dapper for Regency and Expansion  
    iRadiance - Light Probe HDR Lighting for Iray - Expansion 2   



    victorian couple.jpg
    1800 x 1350 - 661K
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    Contest closed. I will set up the voting probably late tonight, March 1st. Thanks for your patience. See the Guidelines thread as we've already decided what to do for March- it's going to be fun! I'll have that thread up tomorrow night too.

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    Voting is open!  Because I am posting this the end of the day on the 1st, I am extending the voting till midnight Daz time on March 8th (instead of the 7th.) 

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