OT: My last visit to the museum (Nudity)

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Last week, I visited the Art Museum of Ponce, in Puerto Rico and I enjoyed so much the experience that I would like to share with you some pictures of the paintings exhibited in the museum. The quality of the pictures is not the best because I couldn't use flash to take the photos; but I tried to enhance them in Photoshop.

Here there are some of the most beautiful paintings; but you can see more of them in my Facebook page

800 x 1200 - 755K
800 x 536 - 502K
800 x 553 - 379K
800 x 1200 - 363K
800 x 533 - 169K
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    It would be nice to see if any of us can reproduce (obviously not with all the detail of the original painting) one of these paintings using the available 3D figures and props .... What do you think?

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    Very nice! Very nice!

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    Wow, thanks for sharing...I would love to see if these could be recreated using 3 d.

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    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! :)

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