Tutorial on how to apply Daz skin weights to custom clothes



I have Daz3ds, the body morph kit and i also have Maya and Blender.  The clothes i have do not have a rig/armature/skeleton setup they are just an OBJ with textures.  Is it possible in Daz3ds or in Maya to have those clothes attached to the Daz bodies rig/skeleton? and have the same skin weight properties?  I've done some Fallout 4 armor modding and there was this one step in the process where you copied influences and skin weights from a model that did have them (the model was extracted from the game) to a model or mesh that needs them.  That was of course done in Maya but i was wondering if Daz3ds has a similar function.  Or will i have to use Maya/Blender to copy the influences/skin weights from the Daz body to the clothes?


Also can anyone recommend a youtube tutorial for Maya and Daz that goes over how to do these things?  the one i am using right now for Maya is made by "Brain Poof" but i wanted to know if you guys had a better tutorial. 


  • As long as the OBJ lines up with the zeroed figure then you can use the Transfer Utility in DS (Edit>Figure>Transfer Utility). Set the figure as the Source, set the imported OBJ geometry as the Target and click Accept. Check that that works - there are refinements in the Transfer utility, and you can edit the weight maps and add adjustment morphs to improve the result but the defaults should get you close. Once done you can  export as FBX and choose the Merge Clothign Into Figure Skeleton option to get a single figure-plus-clothing rig in Maya.

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    thank you, will give that a try


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    Richard Haseltine said:

     and you can edit the weight maps and add adjustment morphs to improve the result

    how are you able to edit the weight after you use transfer utility??  I can't figure it out 

  • Select the bone to be edited, activate the Node Weightmap Brush tool, and use Tool Settings pane to select the target map.

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