Display problem with bad "Texture Shaded"


I have a problem with the preview display on my Poser 11 installation (same with Poser 2014 in fact),

I cannot switch from "Smooth Shaded" preview to the "Texture Shaded" display.

The display keep stycked on same result as "Smooth Shaded"

Is someone has a solution for me?


Thank you by advance


  • What are your system specifications? Are you using the OpenGL or Sree3D display modes (if they are still in Poser 11)?

  • MorkonanMorkonan Posts: 215
    Is someone has a solution for me?

    I don't have P11, but I've seen this sort of problem before. It may be due to the following:

    Is the object in question a character file? (("Figure) .cr2) Is it multi-grouped or single-grouped? (arm/leg/head vs body)

    Sometimes, display settings for individual groups (elements) in a figure object can get switched to be tagged as individual elements with their own display setting that does not default correctly to the display setting for the figure or the display setting for the document window. To change them, go group by group (element by element), choosing the "element style" display setting and set the display from there. Note: The element may not properly default to the default "figure style" or "document style" display setting because of this glitch. If that's the case, you'll have to set each element of the figure to the desired display setting.


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