Look what I found: Making Morphs for Genesis Figures using Hexagon's Displacement Brush


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    Something worth noting: Hexagon's Symmetry tool can lose symmetry fairly easily. This is less common/less detectable with Displacement brushes. However, anything involving "soft selection", like a vertice selected with solf selection on, will generally be very noticeable as not being symmetrical, eventually.

    In short - When morphing figures in Hexagon, the Displacement and Soften tools are fairly safe in regards to symmetry issues.

    But, any selection of verts/edges/faces with soft selection (or sometimes even without it on) and, sometimes, using the Pinch or Bloat tools, can break symmetry during the operation. Sometimes, they can break symmetry permanently. (ie: You'll have to cancel the operation/undo it to regain symmetry.) Also - Hexagon will sometimes detect symmetry where none truly exists and you won't notice it until Hexagon fails to mirror your current operation. It's fairly picky, but I've seen it happen frequently. These non-symmetrical issues can be sometimes hard to detect, so they may not always be significant.

    But, once the morph is brought into the program, if DAZ has a "mirror morph" function, like Poser does, and the object was already symmetrical to begin with, then symmetry can be restored for morphs that were intended to be symmetrical, anyway. So, it's not a total wipe if Hexagon goofs up a symmetrical morph and you don't catch it upon import/bridge. (ie: Just correct the symmetry by mirroring the morph in the application, overwriting the other half of the morph and making both sides symmetrical along the chosen axis.)

  • Morph Loader pro has a symmetry function in the latest builds of Daz studio  -to access it from the Hexagon bridge you will need to have enabled the Advanced controls in Edit(Wn)/Daz Studio(Mac)>Preferences, in the Interface tab in the release build or in the Bridges tab in the Public Beta.

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    This is good to know. Thanks

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