Poser's library does not want to work

My poser library does not want to work.  actually it is very slow and not all thumbnails are showing.  How can I speed it up?

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  • Sfariah DSfariah D Posts: 25,075

    Let's kill Andy2!   Okay I forgot how do I kill Andy 2?

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  • WandWWandW Posts: 2,654

    For the Library, did you install the latest SR?  I found the Library took a long time to populate the first time after installing the SR, but was fine afterwards.


    As for Andy, delete him from the scene, and click the Set Preferred Scene button in the Document tab of  General Preferences... smiley

  • McGrandpaMcGrandpa Posts: 464

    WandW - I have noticed that everything after SR2 has a really heavily worked over Library.  And, as usual we are the lab rats.  S-Ms "testing" continues, and they as always, attempt to bait us into participating in their Paying beta tester Program when we open a support ticket.  ;o)  I note that beginning with SR3, there are from 3 to 6 instances of something that appears to be MACINTOSH related running as long as Poser runs.  Specifically, the Poser Library.  Alway 3, depending on what the Library is DOING, up to 3 more.  When all is quiet with the Library, instances drop to 3 and stay there.  I am reverting to SR2 again, as PP 11 SR4 crashes routinely with any Genesis 2 Female or Male loaded.  That is a Crash To Desktop.  That set of client libraries do NOT belong on a PC running Win 7 Pro.  They do belong in OSi somewhere.

    Even so, PP 2014 still works fine, so as long as PP 11 crashes I will be using 2014 SR5.   Question about DSON;  it appears to have trouble being installed for TWO versions of Poser.  It doesn't know how to be installed TWICE without an uninstall of previous.  Any ideas of what to do to get DSON to accommodate being installed in TWO versions of Poser Pro?



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    You just need to copy the Runtime/Python/addon/dson and Runtime/Python/poserScripts/ScriptsMenu/DSON Support folders from one Poser program ditrectory  to the other, and you should be good... smiley

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