Pivot point in Hexagon different from other programs?

I often want to make the pivot point of various objects way off to the side - not within the sphere or physical space of the actual object. Other programs, allow you to do this - the pivot may be anywhere in the workspace; two or three clicks of the mouse and you're dragging it to anywhere you want.

I take it this is not a concept that is allowed, in Hexagon?

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  • de3ande3an Posts: 867

    Right click to bring up the contextual menu, and you will find set & reset pivot point. You can click anywhere, but it can be a little tricky to get it to land where you want it to in 3D space.

    I find that if I create a temporary object and place it so that one of its vertexes lies where I want the pivot point for the main object to be, I can select my main object then click on the temporary vertex with the set pivot point tool and then delete the temporary object. The pivot point will remain.

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