How do I load a graphic JPG to model off in the background?

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I have looked at a tutorial on Youtube which shows in three parts how to model a hand in Hexagon.

What the tutorial does not show is how to load the graphic into Hexagon in the first place.

What I want to do is load a graphic temporarily at the back and then place my cubes and objects in front og it as though it was the tracing. Then remove the picture afterwards.

I have tried to import and open but I cannot for the life of me see where there is a possibility to load an image into the environment.

Can anyone please help me.

Thank you.


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    Hi if you look at the pic you will see where you load pictures into hexagon, look at the icons to see which picture should be loaded into each of the 3 walls of the viewport.

    Hope this helps I know its a quick and dirty way to show you but not feeling to good right now.


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    Thank you for that @Sal: Not feeling too bright myself either - started with flu last night...

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    Your welcome tdrd glad it helped you out... :)

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    I hope you guys don't mind me asking a question related to this: What's the right size/proportion for each of the reference photo? I'd like to load a reference for the side, front and bottom grids all at once but because the photos are of different sizes they don't align with each other on the grids.

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    LOL oh never mind I found my answer in the Hexagon Manual :red:

    The proportions of these images should be square, or have the same height and width pixel dimensions, to avoid distortion.
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    Can also create your own planes, uv map them and apply material with the jpg on it. That way you can move your images around in the scene to suit where you want to model.

    More info here

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    plus it is easier to align them. That said, there's a tutorial at Geeks @ play of the making of a car but ignore that bit in the context of this discussion; that shows you how to set up illustrations for accurate alignment on and of the planes. :)

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