Morphing metals

kokorosenshikokorosenshi Posts: 23

I'm working on a project involving a person wearing armor, but the problem is that its morphing it around the shoulder/collar mount of the armor, anybody know how to avoid morphs affecting certain areas? i rather not use the parenting option since i need the armor to move with the figure for the animation, im using the transfer utility to have it on the figure and morph with it, the morphs on the image happen when i use the aiko3, body tone, and body volume,

1200 x 1198 - 249K
1179 x 787 - 181K


  • mjc1016mjc1016 Posts: 15,001
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    Looks kind of like the weights/influences are off a bit, more than anything else

  • kokorosenshikokorosenshi Posts: 23
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    its not, i've already tried attenuating the weights, and deleting them, i found out it was the morphs after troubleshooting

  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 49,431
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    And does it look OK on an unmorphed figure? Because I agree with mjc - I think it's the weights, since it's a bending issue. Metal armour doesn't bend - it moves with the body part. For a natural look you want either parented props, or each piece to have identical weights across it's entirety so that it moves as a piece.

  • kokorosenshikokorosenshi Posts: 23
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    it does look ok unmorphed, i think im unparent the shoulder mount just to make it easier

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