June 2016 New User 3D Art Contest “Scenes and Landscapes” - Entry Thread

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New User's Contest - June 2016
Sponsored by DAZ 3D

Are you new to the 3D World? Are you at the beginning stages of learning 3D rendering? Have you been around for a little bit but feel you could benefit from some feedback or instruction? Have you been around awhile and would like to help other members start their creative journey? Well then come and join the fun as we host our newest contest...


"Scenes and Landscapes"

This month's focus will be scenes and landscapes. If you haven't noticed when you look at images made by the various 3D software some of the packages do a lot better than others in treating an expansive scene or a magnificent landscape. Ones that come to mind are software such as Bryce or Vue. Both have some built in features that make those wonderfully big expansive images come true. DAZ Studio on the other hand does not have any handy dandy features built into it but if you know the tricks there is no reason why you can't get those same kinds of results. For this contest we will be exploring the principles of how such scenes and landscapes are built and how to control the environment to create the sense of expansiveness a scene or landscape creates for the viewer. We will be posting example images as well as some ideas on terms to search and some other tips in the WIP thread.

I will be checking in on the WIP thread as will the rest of the Community Volunteers to try and help with anything you all may need, so feel free to ask questions. Look in the WIP thread for links on Action.

For a list of the current contest rules, please see this thread : Contest Rules

When working on your submissions, if you would like to get feedback as you work or before posting your final image, please post your image to the WIP thread. People will be popping in to the WIP thread to give you some critique and advice on your entry and help along the way.

Please keep all comments on entries etc to the WIP thread as well because comments or requests for help/feedback/advice will be removed from the contest thread and merged into the WIP thread. This thread is only for posting final contest submissions.

For those veterans of the forums that would like to help, because this contest is designed for the beginner to learn from, we will be randomly selecting posts offering helpful tips and/or critiques to receive a special voucher as well so, whether you are a seasoned artist or an aspiring one, there is fun for everyone!



Closing Date: June 30, 2016

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  • TabascoJackTabascoJack Posts: 865
    edited June 2016

    Mountain Lake at Sunset

    Bryce 7.1 Pro
    Minor postwork in Photoshop

    Mountain Lake Sunset-5-48.jpg
    1600 x 900 - 1M
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    City Lights

    Daz 3D - no postwork

    1200 x 1152 - 2M
  • "huuguughghg huuguughghg raaaaaahhgh wuuh"

    (Are they shooting at us)

    Daz 4.9 Iray w/o postwork

    1031 x 872 - 728K
  • zax797zax797 Posts: 15

    "Watching The Blimps Roll In..."
    Bryce 7.1- backdrop
    Daz 3D- V4.9

    Using (Assets) -
    Zepplin Star(Dirty)- Gen 2 Male and Female, Male-Basic hair(Lava mix?), Newport outfit(Default)
    Female-Cailin hair(Brown?) for Gen 2, Blade dancer outfit(exotic?)

    Fantasy Tower Hallway-Iray
    Blaire- Hipster dress(Red) Hipster Glases(Red), Eclectic Hair(Mid-Blonde)

    Lights- Blue Sky(Iray)


    Current System- Hewlet-Packard ProBook 4530s (Circa 2011)
     OS: Win 10

    Watching The Blimps Roll In....jpg
    2589 x 1600 - 2M
  • evilded777evilded777 Posts: 2,404


    Iray, a bit of postwork

  • Name: The Chase

    Bryce 7.1

    DAZ Studio 4.9

    thank you for you time.


    Wild Ride.jpg
    1280 x 720 - 622K
  • MendomanMendoman Posts: 383

    Name: Good morning

    DAZ studio 4.9 Iray

    Little postwork in Gimp

    This month has been pretty hectic at work before holidays, and I didn't have much free time so couldn't change anything, so I'll submit my first draft.

  • tcmeehantcmeehan Posts: 20

    Name: The Judas Bull

    Daz Studio 4.9 Iray

    Extra Fog provided by Photoshop CC 2015

  • dracorndracorn Posts: 2,316
    edited July 2016

    "Serenety Lagoon"

    Daz Studio, 3Delight, some post work in Photoshop.

    Waldo, the monkey, is hidden somewhere.

    Serenety Lagoon.jpg
    1596 x 1064 - 2M
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  • LinwellyLinwelly Posts: 5,386

    Contest is closed

    good luck everybody

  • frank0314frank0314 Posts: 12,293

    The winners are:


    1st. Good morning by Mendoman


    2nd. The Judas Bull by tcmeehan


    HM. Invasion by evilded777

  • KnittingmommyKnittingmommy Posts: 8,110

    Congratulations, everyone!

  • evilded777evilded777 Posts: 2,404

    Congrats everyone.


    Had to think about what the HM was for :) I'm happy with a mention.

  • TabascoJackTabascoJack Posts: 865


  • barbultbarbult Posts: 19,303

    Congratulations, winners, and all entrants, really. What an excellent group of submissions this month!

  • Kismet2012Kismet2012 Posts: 4,194
    barbult said:

    Congratulations, winners, and all entrants, really. What an excellent group of submissions this month!

    Agreed.  Everyone did a wonderful job.

  • LinwellyLinwelly Posts: 5,386

    Congrats to the winners, and well done everone!

  • tcmeehantcmeehan Posts: 20

    Congrats to Mendoman and Evilded!

    Great renders everyone! I'm looking forward to participating in the portrait contest and learning from everybody this month.

  • SaphirewildSaphirewild Posts: 6,320

    Congrads to all the winners!!! A truely amazing month for all entries!!!

  • Well done everybody. Lot's of great renders this month!

  • zax797zax797 Posts: 15

    Congrats to Everyone!

  • isidornisidorn Posts: 1,600

    Well done everyone and congratulations to the winners!

  • Very good work, everyone! Congratulations!

  • IceDragonArtIceDragonArt Posts: 12,513

    Congrats everyone!  Really sorry I couldn't do this one. 

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