[SOLVED]Get Objects Name

mattiascibienmattiascibien Posts: 140

I have actually started to work on my plugin for DAZ Studio 4.5.

I need in fact to pass to a functions the name of the objects. The problem is that the name passed is the same even if i changed it (i.e. Genesis while I should have the name i provided in the Scene Tab).

I tried whith DzNode::getName(), DzObject::getName() but I always get the wrong name.

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  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 55,221
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    You want the label, not the name - that's what shows in the Scene pane. Anything derived from DzObject should have a getLabel() function that returns a string.

  • mattiascibienmattiascibien Posts: 140
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    Everything is working fine with getLabel().

    Thanks :)

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