spline -> rotation object?

Hi there,

is there a way to get a body from a spline ---> I draw a spline and want to rotate it ---> result: a glass.... 

There is a button which seems to do it, but all I get is a extrusion, not a rotation around a axis....


Any hints? Thx in advance !




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    To get the basic shape all you need is 2 lines, here I have used a 20 point circle and a series of polylines to make the outline. With the circle selected, go to Surface Modeling and choose the Extrude Line option and click on the outline and Validate. You will need to click on the lightning bolt to finish the operation (Dynamic Geometry).

    To finish things you will have to close the inside and the bottom by using the extrude tool (select a line, loop it and while holding down the CTRL key drag inwards). Then bridge the hole.

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    Thank you very much! That will help!  Thanks!

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