Left-handed objects

Once you create an object, how (or can) you make it the reverse left-to-right. I'm going to be making a simple military shoe, and want to make an exact copy, but of the other foot (I know there are lots of excellent pairs of 3d shoes out there, but this is for a very stylized toy application, so must be made from scratch)?
I've got the basics of Hexagon down pretty well, but this is the first time I've encountered this particular situation. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    In Blender, I'd apply a Mirror modifier, with "merge" and "clipping" unchecked...

    I'm sure there's something similar in Hex.

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    Yes, there is - the tool is called "Symmetry" - third from right under the vertex modelling tab.

    With your item selected, hit symmetry. Then you can either hover your mouse pointer on the side of your item that you want to copy it to - a blue plane will show up - click on the pane and it's done. Instead of hovering your mouse pointer, you can look in the properties panel and select the axis you want it to copy to - in the case of a boot, it'll be either X+ or X-.

    In the properties panel, there are two icons for options. The one which has a plane sticking out of a cube lets you place the copy exactly where you want it - with that one selected, a blue line appears from the original, through the blue plane to a green dot. Move the mouse pointer and the green dot moves - when it's where you want the copy to be placed, click.

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    Oh wow, that's awesome. Just did it with a simple shape, and it worked like a charm. Thanks very much!

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    . Durr already sorted. mine deleted.

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    Happy to have helped:)

    Quick tip - if you intend to UV map the boot, do it before copying it - that will save you having to do it twice.

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