How do add more Shading Domains? *SOLVED*

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I seem to need guidence.  I can add more shaders below but can not seem to get them into my Shader Domains.  New ones below seem to be lacking the object instance.


Shader Domain2.png
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    In the vertex modeller, select the geometry that you wish to be in a new domain, and pick New Shading Domain from the drop-down

    Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 09.42.27.png
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    The number of "shaders" you have in that list , depends on the number of "shading domains" you've defined on your model.

    If you want more shaders,. you'll need to define areas of your model as new shading domains.

    select an area of polygons on your model,. go to the MODEL tab on the right, and click the shading domain name Button./ this drops out a small menu with an option to Create a new shading domain using the selected polygons. (pic 1)


    Select an area of polygons on your model,. Go to the GLOBAL tab on the right,. you can ADD, DELETE, and select and rename shading domains  (pic 2)

    You may also be able to Unwrap this model and Export a wirefeame texture template which you can use (in a 2D painting program) to create the final texture map for the model. (pic3)


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  • @ TangoAlpha  Thanks just what I was looking for.

    @ 3DAGE- Perfect, You also answer my next nqestion in advance.  My project is moving along grest.  Thanks for the exta nfo!!!!


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    You're not alone to learn something, I didn't know how to delete and rename them.

    Thanks Andy !

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    Just a related thought ... I'm not a modeler and so rely on the affordable, high quality offerings from the vendors at various websites.  But this is one example of why its nice to have Carrara's modelling features.  Even I have used this feature.  

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    In my opinion, Carrara is an underrated modeling tool.

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