Newbie question: "how to change preferences for manipulating objects?"

Example:  I've snapped point/edge/plane    and   I want to manipulate it via manipulators (tranlate/scale/rotate) and use mouse to adjust old situation into something new.

BUT, now I see that any manipulation goes by steps (easy to read i.e. coordinates how it steps) of 0.1 or greater steps.  This is way too much in many delicate models and it requires me to adjust place or value with keyboard keys.    Is there a way to make those steps really really small( = minimum, the best mouse can do)?  

Thanks in advance!



  • Hi,

    I don't know much about snapping or how you were using it but I found that fine control was returned to the manipulator if the Snap icon is turned off in the Display Menu.  (If you click it you can see it being switched on and off).

    I hope this will help. 

  • whitedragonwhitedragon Posts: 11

    Hi!  That's it!    Exactly what I was complaining! 


    Thanks a lot!



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