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    I,ll throw my few pennies. I,m Building a new computer. I agree with LHD. with "Bang for my buck." Here,s why!
    1. Asus m5a99 AMD 990. 2. Amd FX 8320 prosessor. 3. 2/4G G Skill 1600. memory. 4 coolmax. 800w PSU. 5. 1 Sapphire.6850 256. GDR5. and a Remax Viper case. Cost $634. USD from Newegg.

    Intel equil - 1. I7 3820. 2. Intel MB. 2 Nvida crossfire cards. same memory and PSU $1135. USD.

    Sorry Guys that $500 bucks I could use elsewhere.

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    toss in my two cents,

    HP Phoenix I7 -3770K (8 cores) 3.5 Ghz
    12gb ram
    64 bit windows 7
    2TB hard Drive
    USB-3 ports
    Nvidia GTX550 Ti 6gb ram

    Runs Bryce very well, in addition to Poser, Carrara(win64 version) and World of Warcraft with all bells and whistles turned on

    not bad for $1300 and change.

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