DS MATs for X3D's HYPER-S6 V4

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Hyper Suit M4 DS Mats by AMR revision 20120529:15:01
by Adam Rasmussen (adamr001)

These mat presets are free for commercial use, but may not be distributed by any method other than the original download links without my express written permission.

Hyper Suit V4 by Xurge3D http://www.xurge3d.com/inc/sdetail/7831/58886

MATs are designed to install to the same Poser Runtime as Hyper Suit V4. They will automatically apply from the Pose folder with the Poser MATs.

NOTE: If the visor overlay does not appear appropriately "bright" then you have limits enabled on the parameters tab. You can get around this by removing the limit for the ambient channel on the surfaces tab and setting the value to 500 manually or by disabling limits via the Parameters tab sub-menu at the top corner.

File list:
~ Runtime/Libraries/Character/Xurge3D/Hyper V4/
Hyper Helm V4.dsa
Hypersuit V4.dsa

Download Links:
DeviantArt: http://adamtls.deviantart.com/art/DS-MATs-for-X3D-Hyper-Suit-V4-305142925

ShareCG: http://www.ShareCG.com/v/62302/view/21/DAZ-Studio/DS-MATs-for-X3Ds-HYPER-S6-V4

Renderosity: http://www.renderosity.com/mod/freestuff/details.php?item_id=68499

My personal webspace: Please use this ONLY as a last resort if the other three links are unavailable

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