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do I have the latest Hex?
I actually had no less than 3 versions installed on my computer at one point
getting quite confused, you see I reset my Figures, Characters and avatars book to get the last one but have never "bought" Hexagon from the store.
so it is actually not in my order history
so should I BUY it? (I realize it is still free so prob should anyway for future updates!)
meanwhile is this infact the latest version ie

update, I just DID buy it but with my limited 3G broadband will not download it if it is the same as what I have already so would really appreciate confirmation or not of this.

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    Hi Wendy - yes, 2.5.1/79 is the latest, greatest issue :)

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    thx, now maybe I can work on getting it to run properly!
    (it well might now, confess I have not retried it!)
    I think some of my issues were having more than one version installed and using one of the LargeAddressAware programs I have on it
    that works for some stuff but kills others! have had a few 32bit programs I had to reinstall after using it on it because I got errors a vital component of the program was missing! or they just don't open, others ie iClone (I got the link for one off the Reallusion forum) do work better but possibly not Hex.
    Myriad melody assistant hated it! was one that spectaculary crashed with said error.
    Hexagon still worked but I saw utterly no difference ie STILL froze or got an error as per usual if I did too much.
    and Yes, it is possible to have more than one version installed!
    one was under program files(86) Daz 3D the other, just Daz, weirdly my Carrara 6pro and Bryce5 which God only knows why I have them on my computer! are also in that seperate folder.

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    Sorry - can't help out there, I'm not much good at what goes on under the hood. There is something to do with conflicting preference files being a big bad.

    Hopefully one of the guru's will pop along and help you out.

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    and Yes, it is possible to have more than one version installed!
    one was under program files(86) Daz 3D the other, just Daz

    And that could be a problem.

    Hexagon auto-creates certain data directories (such as "C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\DAZ 3D"), and to the best of my knowledge, all versions use the same directory hierarchy and names, but the data files inside them are "version specific".

    These data files are updated on program exit, so if you flip back and forth between versions, it's possible that invalid data is being read in when you load an older or newer version than the previous one.

    This is just a guess, and "different version data" files might not be a problem at all, but I think it's a possibility worth considering.

    If I were having this problem, I would probably uninstall all versions of hexagon and reinstall a single version of choice.

    Barring that, you might try restricting yourself to using only one of the versions you have installed and using that version exclusively for awhile and watch what happens (carefully record any problems you may encounter).

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