The camera clipping plane

I need a little help on the clipping plane on the cameras, mostly how to either get rid of it or reduce it down to a smaller plane. I ask because a project of mine has a scene where the camera is looking out of a mouth bit like at a dentise but I can't get it to stop showing the inside of the head and turning the perspective off puts it behind the head

any help would be welcomed


  • ToborTobor Posts: 2,300

    What render engine?


  • jestmartjestmart Posts: 4,449

    You could cheat by scaling everything up by 10x.

  • StratDragonStratDragon Posts: 3,167
    jestmart said:

    You could cheat by scaling everything up by 10x.

    if you do that you will need to compensate in your bumps and displacements, but not normals, however it does work and allows for some precision in the Camera that's not possible with parameter adjustments. 

  • ToborTobor Posts: 2,300

    To be clear, if you're using Iray, you want the Create->New Iray Section Plane Node. This node sections (removes) geometry from view from the camera, allowing you to "slice and dice" in any direction you want. You cannot see the sectioning until you render, or unless you switch to NVIDIA Iray mode in the Viewport. The plane can be translated or rotated as needed.

    Iray was designed for architectural and mechanical renderings, and sectioning is a common requirement in this type of work. 


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    hmm not really sure how that plane thing you mentioned works tobor, is there a tutorial for it?

    And what would I have to adjust in the bumps and displacement stratdragon?

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    I know this is from May 5th, but I am double checking my references for my Art Studio thread and we covered this topic, so thought I would alert you to it. (Thanks to TabascoJack and the other contributors sharing tips)  The first post of my thread has some handy topics/tips, you may want to peruse through those. 

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