Creating forests out of terrian and Lattice ( Tutorial added )

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I found this material in vegetation /small plants / foliage and foliage 2..

I think it's perfect for creating forest scapes .

In picture 1 I created a terrain went into editor clicked new and added spikes.. then added foliage material and placed the terrains randomly
Looks like a evergreen forest.

In the other pictures I created a lattice went into editor clicked new and added mounds,I used the slider to make the mounds seperate from each other, then again foliage material and placed lattice objects randomly on ground. Looks like common forest.

Well they do in my

Only problem is this only works within a birds view

Maybe someone can use this..

Scroll to post 6 in this thread for a tutorial....

regards: Atlantis

1200 x 575 - 184K
1200 x 575 - 193K
1200 x 575 - 187K
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    @tlantis: All three look like aerial shots of forests to my eyes too. Well done. I will have to remember how you did it to see if it will work on some old terrains I have.

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    Good work! Thanks for the examples. I have already tried something similar but could not really succeed.

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    Interesting effect you got here Atlantis, thanks for sharing.

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    Would look fantastic from inside a helicopter.

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    @lantis, seeing as how this has generated some interest but some aren't having luck duplicating your results, maybe we could encourage you to create a tutorial showing how you did it? Not necessarily a video one although that would be supper if you are able but even just a text based one with guiding pictures would be nice and helpful.

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    As requested a little tutorial....

    1202 x 588 - 139K
    1202 x 588 - 160K
    1202 x 588 - 143K
    1363 x 738 - 148K
    1202 x 588 - 145K
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    Lattice material can be found in vegetation:

    1200 x 573 - 352K
    1202 x 578 - 184K
    1366 x 768 - 204K
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