hexagon bridge to Daz not working.

Ok, I made a dress in hexagon but cann't send it to daz using the send to daz button. I have been watching the video Master Hexagon - Sexy Genesis Outfits how to do the dress, I did everything the same way in the video but it want send. How can I fix this? I Have the lastest Hexagon and Daz.


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    In Hexagon there's a reset to default option, that might help. It solves many a minor issue.

    Sometimes reinstalling Hexagon solves the bridge issue.

    Sometimes rebooting the computer helps.

  • I've tried both methods and niether worked. Thanks for trying, hopefully, someone will have the answer.  

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    What versions of Hex and Studio are you using?

  • Hex 2.5 and Daz 4.9. I have tried a few thing such as sending a figure from DAZ and back again and that works. If I  load a cube in hexagon I can send it to DAZ no problem but if I much changes to it it will some times send and other times it want.

  • I'm no techy, just curious. I've never had a problem with the bridge and I use it quite often, I've always installed DS and Hex manually - never tried installing them with the Install Manager, I wonder if IM has anything to do with it ?

    Now I'll go in the corner and hide till a exspurt comes in and laughs :)

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    Why I asked about the versions is that, for me, the bridge became very intermittent using the last version of Studio 4.8 - this was fixed in 4.9.  If you are having the same problem, I'd suggest putting in a support ticket - let the real teccies help you out.

  • When you send n-gons from Hexagon to Studio, Studio triangulates them.  Studio's triangulation is vastly inferior to Hexagon's triangulation.  So, the rule of thumb is that if you are sending n-gons from Hexagon to Studio, always triangulate in Hexagon first.  This is most readily apparent when creating 3D text.

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    Maybe this helps?


    How to get the Hexagon Bridge (got the answer in another thread):

    ReDave - 31 October 2012 03:36 PM

    @Kerya: can’t remember for sure, and it looks like I don’t have Hexagon on this computer, but it’s either in the dzInstall.ini file (Documents\\Application Data\DAZ 3D) or in the registry.

    Thank you!!!!!!
    It’s the dzInstall.ini in appdata - I had one as admin, but not as user.
    I just copied it over - and voilà! Working Bridge!

    Another answer:
    Hexagon is also writing its installation location to the dzInstall.ini file, and is accessing that to find DS4.5 (Hexagon also looks for DS3 reg entries)

    So, find your dzInstall.ini and tell DS where to find Hexagon.

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  • Reminder: this is why we don't install applications as admin :)

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    Followup: When I send any object from Hexagon2.5 to DS4.9, I can't get a diffuse map to display after I apply it in DS.  I create a cube in Hex, send to DS, load a wood texture jpg in the diffuse, render, and it only displays a dull brown.  I put a DS primitive cube next to it, load the same wood texture jpg in the diffuse, and render.  The DS primitive displays the wood surface while the transferred cube from hex only displays a soft brown.  IRAY or 3DLight doesn't matter.  The texture does not even show up in the main window in design mode.  Am I missing a step? 

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    I think I found what I need to do.  If I assign a material in Hex, then the material works in DS.  If I don't create a material for the primitive, then it comes out as a blurry mess.

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