Hinkyhunks : John Crow for Michael 4

Can someone tell me how to get the Hinkyhunks : John Crow for Michael 4 ​that I just bought downloaded into my Poser. I don't have DS only Poser & it didn't give me a download for Poser but it says it is for Poser. The clothes had a download link



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    It was there earlier.  We have reported this.


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    I still don't have a Poser download link in my account, there is a DS manger but I don't have DS & I could not  figure out how to use that when I downloaded it


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    We have sent an email, but you do have to remember that it is Sunday,  CS is normaly 5 days a week and normal working hours,  so anything that is done at weekends is does in the Daz_Staff's own time.

    I am sure this will reappear fairly soon.  The had to do an update to get it to appear in the DIM, and this would appear to have broken something else.

  • OK thank you

  • The DIM is fixed in my account, thank you

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