Removing scenes from the smart content window?

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Hi guys,

I'm getting into the swing of things with DS4, thanks for all the help (from the Admins, especially!). I've noticed that the path to my scenes on my hard drive seems to be mapped by the software, and that my scenes are loadable on the smart content window (under "unassigned).

Now, my question is... how do I remove those? Sometimes my mother drops off my little brother at my apartment so I can watch him while she does errands, and I let him use my computer. Last thing I need is my mom finding out he's been playing with relatively anatomically correct models.

I know you can remove the scenes, but are there any other parental controls at all?



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    Hi Pradigum, If you just want the sceanes under “unassigned" can not be find from smart contents view,
    it is easy. .you can remove only references of sceanes from category of "unassaigned"

    check your "contents library" tab .

    your all "unassaigned" sceanes are categoraized in contents library,
    Categories >default> unassaigned(with u mark in note icon)

    right click image of e.g " soexiciting.duf (daz)" and select "remove References"

    When you want to road " soexiciting.duf (daz)" , you can road it from "contents library"
    Daz studio Formats>your daz contents directory (Myfile, Contents ,etc)> yourfolda (you saved "soexciting.duf")

    If you do not save your seans under the "daz contents directory",
    , you need to "daz CMS" recognize your directory (where you saved your sceanes) by Content directory manager.

    I afraid if your little brother will find to load your "soexiciting.duf " from contents directory tab.:shut:
    Onother way is that you just load your seanes from top menu "file> open> "
    and save seanes in the directory where "daz CMS do not recognize" yet.

    (When you save scean, you must remove references again before you close DAZ stuido)
    otherwise CMS catch folda where you saved file and show the file in smart contents next time.

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    Thanks, I'll give it a shot when I get home from work:)

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