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This is where entries to the RRRR Story Contest is posted, nothing else. 
You only enter tag, name and a story line, upt to fifteen lines of text, and the three images that makes your story. 

As this forum allows us to add the images in order, and put text between the images, please try to do that, if you have troubles, ask in the maiun thread for help. 

This way the stories will be even more compelling. 


Tag: JackT#01

Jen and Moyra's first and only vacation

Jen and Moyra were finally released from their shackles, but only for three days. They were happy and decided to take a trip to the Bahamas.


The boat fair was cheap, really what they could afford, and very slow, and the engine stopped for a day out at sea in a severe storm.


When they finally reached the shores of Bahamas, they had to take a cab to the airport to fly back to the dungeons again, as time was up.


Update: Fifteen lines total (that is an average of 5 lines per image)


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    Tag: barbult #1

    Muck's Big Idea

    Image 1: The Next Big Thing
    Once Muck realized that Wooden Weapon Welding would not work, he set out to invent the next big thing. Grocer, George, let Muck use a desk in a corner of the mercantile to ponder his next move... "I know", said Muck, "I'll create a company to sell Copper Colored Cardinal Cages! I'll name my company after a great river of the world and offer express overnight delivery."

    Image 2: Wrong River
    Muck hired Grim to help deliver the Copper Colored Cardinal Cages. That was his third bad choice. His second bad choice was shipping cages with cardinals included. His first bad choice was selecting a river name at the end of the alphabet, instead of one at the beginning of the alphabet.

    Image 3: Light at the End of the Tunnel
    Well, those other guys are delivering products with drones, but Muck has a fleet of hovercraft. Who knew the demand for Copper Colored Cardinal Cages (cardinals sold separately) would be so huge. As the hovercraft stream down the tube, Muck can see the light at the end of the tunnel.


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    As The World Goes Round and Round 

    Many years ago Jack Barton & wife Jill Dunahea starred in the popular daytime TV drama The World Goes Round and Round. For over a decade well-tanned Jack & cute Jill were America's favorite soap opera couple. In the show's twelfth year tragedy struck in the form of Starlette Vicky Marinague who appeared on the show as well as in real life as Jack's seductress - when Jill caught them in an unscripted steamy embrace both the show & the marriage were over. 

    Image#1: Oh, no, Jack!


    Jack and Vicky were a couple for a very short time before leading separate but equally stormy lives and unsucessful acting careers. Meanwhile, as the years went by, Jill, ambitious & driven by a personal vendetta, worked her way up to directing & producing. Whatever Happened To...? was her big opportunity to show the world the pathetic lives of her ex-husband and the woman who stole him from her.

    Image #2: The Scandals


    Many more years later Reality TV came on the scene & Jill gleefully created a show called As The World Goes Round, featuring "washed-up has-beens" living together in a mansion.  She invited Jack & Vicky to be cast members, hoping to further embarass & humiliate them. Vicky was a bit shocked at Jack's aged & leathery body popping out of a tanning booth, but both had a great time, thanking Jill profusely for the good time. Deciding that Jack & Vicky were witless, guileless & shameless, Jill ended the vendetta, deciding it was time to move on. Jack & Vicky went back to being Jack & Vicky.

    Image #3: Time To Let It Go

    1800 x 1440 - 708K
    control room.jpg
    1800 x 1440 - 669K
    orange man.jpg
    1800 x 1440 - 791K
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    Tag: Diomede #1

    Story: Risking it All: Buffalo Basement or Buffalo Wings

    Diane was horrified to see that Michael had injured their pet buffalo when he tried to make him jump the end table in the basement.

    Image 1: Missed it by THAT much


    Each morning for 6 months, Diane and Michael provide physical therapy to their pet buffalo. Fortunately, Westpark has a crane that could be used for help.

    Image 2: Physical Therapy



    Without telling Diane, Michael bet the owner of the exclusive Baroque Club $100 million USD that his Bison could perform a full circus bear entertainment routine - or the custmers could eat the bison. The jumps and barrel riding went flawlessly, and they all lived in the basement happily ever after.

    Image 3: Better than your Average Bear


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    Gopherus #01

    The Courtship of Almond and Thalia

    Part One – The Wedding

    Almond Rah never had it so good.  He was totally wrapped up in himself.  This second life, thanks to the tanna leaves, was fun!  Fun!  FUN!  And the last thing he wanted was to be tied down.  Even to Thalia.  Nee Ander Thalia.  Beautiful ashen skin.  And a paleo cook that couldn t be surpassed.  His gut clenched when she asked him to escort her to a wedding.  Surely she knew that he had no heart.  It was on a shelf in his bedroom in a jar with his other vital organs.  Still he swore that he would enjoy himself watching some other schmuck tieing the knot.  What's the worst that could happen?  He should have listened to his instincts!  He laughed when the groom got a charlie horse trying to break the wine glass.  But when he saw Thalia holding the bouquet, his mind swam with countless excuses for breaking it off.  And ordiinarily he would have had no problem with escaping.  He was wearing his runner suit and could do a marathon in less than a week... a real feat for a mummy dragging mummy wrap from both feet.  But he hadn't counted on the videographer Lofn, the goddess of marriage... even seeming lost causes.

    Part Two – The Easter Parade

    Easter, a time of new beginnings and renewals!  Thalia's brother Bruno convinces Almond Rah to pop the question.  Almond is so overwhelmed that he forgets to ask Thalia about her selection of a Laughing Kookaburra hat or why she s getting kind of chunky.

    Part Three – The Wrap Up

    Now Mummy is a daddy.  Married life isn t half bad.  The only chore he hates is having to unwrap and rewrap baby every couple of hours.  A team effort!

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    Story Title: The Gamers

    Part 1: Let the Games Begin

    Riva and Garen had been regular gamers since their school days: first Ludo and Monopoly, then Chess and Mah Jong, then Dungeons and Dragons and lately all the latest video games. A friend had just presented Garen with a box which he promised contained The Ultimate Gaming Experience: he would never want to play another game.
    Garen brought it to Riva's apartment the next evening. It didn't look particularly special, but they thought they might as well try it. Riva rolled the dice first: 5 and 3. Garen threw 4 and 17 ... what? 17?!? He had picked up the dice to check them, when all at once they felt a rush of cold air and an odd floating feeling.

    Part 2: Another Roll of the Dice

    They found themselves in a strange room, strangely dressed. They began to explore their surroundings, but suddenly the door flew open and they were under attack from all sides! Garen tried to fend them off, but saw that the odds were impossible. Then he realised that he still had the dice in his hand. He threw them and at once felt that rush of cold air again.

    Part 3: Endgame

    Garen was back in Riva's apartment, seemingly safe and sound. But then he looked down and saw Riva. She still wore a strange circlet on her brow and her skin was pale and cold. He realised that his last dice throw had been too late for her.
    His "friend" had been right: he would never want to play another game.

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    Tag: Totte#1

    The Intergalactic Bureaux of Animal Cruelty (TIBAC)

    TIBAC Agent 47, had travelled back in time to the 1930s, deep in the state of Louisiana, USA, after an anonumeous tip about a Polar Bear kept in a cage in the hot and humid land outside the city New Orleans. Finding and freeing the bear was a simple task, but she now had to persue the perpetrators, the evil does, which she suspected were Grandorells, an intergalactic race who feed energy from animal cruelty.

    Image #1: The Carvivale


    After following the fresh tracks left by two of the Carnival's trucks through a portal, Agent 47 found them abandoned at a ruin north of Rome, Italy, in the year 1956. These Grandorells are tricky beasts, they use time-space worm holes to travel both in space and time, but Agent 47 had done her homework, she knew how to track them, and now she was close. The Grandorellean slime on one of the trucks was still fresh.

    Image #2 : The slime

    TIBAC Agent 47 kept her pace and she soon found another time-space portal. She ended up in the small south German town of Augsburg, where the international chess championships of 2023 was currenlty held. In front of the old castle ruins, a huge set of chess had been constructed, that showed the current state of the final game. She spotted the two Grandorells, they had cloaked themselves to look like chess pieces. She moved in carefully, the rushed and fired her icer guns, which petrified the Grandorells, while she shouted Checkmate!

    Image #3 : Checkmate!

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    Gopherus #2

    Garden Music

    Part One – The Birthday Present

    It all started when some dastardly person gave Princess Scarlet a trumpet for her birthday.  She felt obligated to master the instrument, even realizing that it would take at least 6 years.  Every day would find her practicing in the garden.  And she was really, REALLY bad.  The very stones would weep at the notes that came out of that instrument.  Her sister Leyton knew that Scarlet ordinarily would listen to no one.  But still she had an idea.

    Part Two – Psychic Hotline

    There was a person that Scarlet would listen to.  It was Madame Ugarte from the Psychic Hotline.  Anything Ugarte said she followed to the letter.  Now if Leyton could convice Madame Ugarte to talk Scarlet into abandoning the trumpet, then all would be peaceful again.  And Ugarte would do anything for a price.

    Part Three – Mission Accomplished?

    It worked!  Madame Ugarte convinced Scarlet to give up the trumpet.  Unfortunately....

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    tag: luci45 #2
    The Emmigrants

    Image#1: The Space Journey

    Image #2: The Land Journey

    Image #3: Founders Day Parade


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    Tag: purrkat #1

    Space Warp

    Doctor Dex and his side kick, Victor Vulture were lone survivors, suspended in space. Hurtling through the void of the twilight zone, the pair survived by plucking those less fortunate from their airless tomb, removing their organs, and preserving their remains to reside as statues in the warehouse of hell. A scientist, the good doctor having gone quite mad, now sees himself as an artist in a floating museum. Look Victor! A ship! Possibly our good Sir Graham's, eh? Conjuring his shrink and fit, dematerialization spell, he sucked the hapless vessel into the confines of his latest room to fill. 


    Finished with his arrangement, Doctor Dex stood in a fresh lab coat admiring his handiwork. Well, Victor, What do you think? Sir Graham is quite dashing, yes? Ah, what I wouldn't give for a live specimen though, a fellow humanoid. Eh? Look out the window... a spaceship... and it's flying under its own power!

    Oh Victor! Not only a live specimen, but a mate! Isn't she breathtaking... like a butterfly, fluttering her wings in a glass jar. Mine, all mine. 

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    tag:luci45 #3
    Auntie Maura's Arcana and Mystical Pet Shoppe

    It was a slow day at my Auntie Maura's Arcana and Mystical Pet Shoppe when a good-looking guy in costume burst in pleading for help. I couldn't help but chuckle when he told us he was from another time. Auntie Maura didn't laugh though. She looked him over and asked him gravely what we could do for him. He, Roland was his name, asked if she could return him to his own time. Auntie Maura replied probably, that she would do her best.
    Image #1 Help Me!


    Roland said that he was being persued by a pair of nefarious scientists who also believed his story but wanted to unlock his secret by experimenting on him. Auntie told me to take him to our secret grove and she would meet us there. I was still snickering until the guys showed up. So we left in a hurry and managed to elude them.
    Image #2: Escape


    Auntie Maura conjured up a lot of light and energy and sent Roland on his way. I admit that I was amazed and speechless. She said, "Child, where do you think I get these little animals from? There are other realms, other times and places... an infinitude. If my calculations were right, Roland has returned safely to his home." 
    Image #3: Farewell


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    Tag: Totte #2

    Professor Gottlieb Krautfleden’s anti-aging machine 


    The slightly eccentric Professor Krautfelden has invented what he say is a anti-aging machine. His first human test sample is his old aunt Helga Haferflocken. What could possible go wrong?

    Image #1


    Helga Haferflocken’s head started to spin, and her body ached, and suddenly she found herself much younger, but the world looked so different. She saw a sign, but was interrupted reading it by a voice saying - “Are you the chosen one? Were you sent here to help us take out the zombie factory as the prophecy said? " Helga felt young, and eager to reply, when her head started to spin again.

    Image #2

    Helga Haferflocken’s head started to spin again, but her body ached less this time, Suddenly she found herself in her hometown, but in a time long gone. She saw a merchant selling his inventions, and she recognized both the name and appearance. She walk straight up to him and said - ” Whatever you do, never ever have children! ”. Suddenly her head spun, and she woke up in her bed, in her old room, not a day younger. The weird lamp in the ceiling, the one her nephew Gottlieb had made, was not there.

    image #3

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    Gopherus #3

    Cormac's Tale

    Part One – The Drowning

    Cormac s luck had given out.  Even the luck of the Irish can only go so far.  As his body drifted into the deep, with his last flicker of life force he glimpsed an Antarean Xeno Marine Biologist… obviously a hallucination.

    Part Two – Abduction

    The Antareans had arrived to study sea life.  And for the life of them they could not understand how this form could possibly survive the rigors of the ocean.  It was just so maladapted.  They tested food preferences by attempting to feed it sea urchins and octopi.  Raw, of course, for it was extremely rare for a marine life form to have invented fire.

    Part Three – Catch and Release

    Their studies done.  The Antareans, following the prime directive returned all their study animals to their natural environment.  They realized that animals housed and fed were reluctant to go back to living by their own wits.  So the animal handlers used shields and brooms to prod them back into their deep water home.  For some reason Cormac really put up a fight… obviously he had become spoiled by their attentions.

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    Saphirewild Tag #1

    "A Sharks Tale Part One"

    Dorma was excited to find the burried treasure, as much as Harold was. So they laid out the Treasure Map and began to trace the steps to where they had to go to start the search for it. Springy came bouncing by and saw the map on the ground and asked Dorma what they were looking at. She told him all about the treasure and how they were going to go and find it. All of a sudden Sharkie the Great White Shark peeked out of his well and yelled over to Harold and asked him what they were up to over there. Harold told him the whole story and asked Sharkie if he could help them find the treasure. He told him that he would be glad to help, but they would have to go through the well with him out to the open sea.

    Part 2
    Harold was folding the Map to put it in a plastic bag to protect it from the water in the well. Dorma ran to the well to see if she would fit in the well. Springy was already trying to go down into the well before even Sharky could move out of the way. Chippy the Chimpanzee climed up to the rim of the well and looked down into it seen it was going to be a long drop to the water itself. Everyone was excited to begin their big adventure to the treasure through the well to the sea.

    Part 3

    They took their little adventure through the well with Sharkie the great white Shark and discovered some old skulls and alot of confederate paper money. Darma was quite excited at this hostorical find and wanted to call the museum to see how much it would be worth to them. Harold had other pans for the money, he wanted to spend it at the stores. Darma told him he had to turn it into the museum and they would pay them in the todays currency! So that is what they did and they got over 1 million dollars for the treasures including the skulls. The End.

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    Gopherus #4  

    La Habanera

    Part One – The Palace  (La Habanera by Bizet from Carmen) for the rhythm?

    [chorus]  He loves ice cream!  He wants ice cream!  He won t eat nothing without ice cream!

    He won t drink milk!  He won t eat cheese!  He don t want nothing but Tastee-Freeze
    He won t eat corn!  He won t eat bean!  He won t eat veggies, because they re green.
    He won t eat fat!  He won t eat lean!  He won t eat orange or tangerine.

    [chorus]  He loves ice cream!  He wants ice cream!  He won t eat nothing without ice cream!

    He won t chew rocks.  He won t eat dirt.  He won t eat squid cause it might squirt.
    And if it did he d like it not.  Either it s too cold, or it s too hot.
    Only one thing will please his taste.  Everything else is just a waste.

    Part Two – Mr. Frosty  (La Habanera by Bizet from Carmen) for the rhythm?

    He loves ice cream!  He needs ice cream!  He won t eat nothing without ice cream!
    So if you have some.  Bring it here!  It s the only thing to bring him cheer.

    [chorus]  He loves ice cream!  He wants ice cream!  He won t eat nothing without ice cream!

    Part Three – Back at the Palace  (La Habanera by Bizet from Carmen) for the rhythm?

    [chorus]  He loves ice cream!  We have ice cream!  He can eat again.  We have ice cream!

    We ve traveled far.  We ve traveled near.  And what we found we have right here.
    Put down your fork!  Put down your knife!  Pick up your spoon and enjoy life!
    Stop your screaming.  And have some fun!  We have ice creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeam!  And now we re done!

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    TAG: obanion#01

    Title: The New Scooby-Doo: Velma Gets Her Moment in the Sun (In which we pay homage to the previous RRRR theme, 'Sequels')

    Image #1: The New A-Team

    With Daphne and Freddie currently honeymooning in Aruba, and with Shaggy in rehab (again! -- and before he could finish the paint job on the new, improved Mystery Machine, too), Velma did not want to go it alone; so she found some help -- from Martin and Alexis (yep, they're back)!  They met at a diner on the outskirts of the city, and after a nice lunch, they all piled into the Mystery Machine and headed down the highway.  Their destination: the infamous Camp Crystal Lake....

    Image #2: The Take-Down

    Leaving the Mystery Machine outside the gates, they entered the long-abandonded camp, and found themselves in a scene straight out of Fargo.  Martin and Scooby both sprang into action: Martin with a full-frontal assault, and Scooby with a rather more nuanced, 'lead from behind' tactic.  Alexis wasted no time calling in the police. Velma, on the other hand, just lost it.  As well as her lunch.

    Image #3: Mystery Solved -- And Now It's Off to the Mall!

    As the police stuffed the killer into the back of the patrol car, he was heard to say, "And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn't have been for those meddling kids!"

    "Flattery will get you nowhere, pal," Alexis said snarkily.  "I haven't been a 'kid' since the beginning of the Clinton Administration!"

    "I'm really sorry about your shoes," Velma said to Alexis.  "I'll buy you a new pair."

    "Ooh, shoes shopping!" Alexis said with undisguised enthusiasm.  "Sounds like a plan!"

    "That's more Daphne's schtik," Velma remarked.  "But, hey, I'll suck it up and take one for the team."


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    tag: luci45 #4
    LIfe in New Pocatello - The Early Years

    image #1: The Colony
    In their shiny brochures the Interplantary Settlement Council (ISC) promised a lifestyle beyond the wildest dreams of the immigrants settling in the new off-world colonies. But life in New Pocatello did not in the early years live up to the promises.  The population was small and scattered and little was offered in terms of entertainment and activities. 

    image #2: Dr Schwätzer's Cybernetics Lab
    But the ISC had anticipated this situation and contracted Dr Schwätzer's Cybernetics Lab to provide a solution.  With his faithful assistants, Myra and Mara, the good doctor assembled a variety of appealing companions to help simulate the warm and happy feelings of home. 

    image #2: Life Gets Better
    Dr Schwätzer arrived with an abundance of friendly neighbors, pets and playmates. The settlers were at first wary of the life-like and indestructable simulacra, but soon learned that the on-off switches made them almost better than the real thing.

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    Tag: Totte # 3

    Papagumpa's Golden Statues

    During a vacation in sunny France, the famous burglar and art expert Tina Livermore saw a poster from the local art museum. A quick phone call to a known collector, and she had a buyer.

    Image - 1

    Tina had a saying, you don't need to be tough if you are bold. She made a little arrangement on the day the statues were to be picked up from the museum and sent to another exhibition, and when the real transport arrived with police escort, the museum manager told them, but you picked them up just fifteen minutes ago.

    Image - 2

    The client was no one less than the famous hip-hop artist Shabby-T. When Tina, dress as a man in a motorcycle suit, came to collect the agreed payment of $10 million, Shabby-T jiust told her she will only get $2 million and not a cent more. Tina, bold as always, accepted the money, knowing that Shabby-T knows her only as Mr Slade. When she drove away, she made a quick to 911 call on a burner phone and left. And she smiled when she later in the evening watched some TV and saw Shabby-T in cuffs being pushed into a police car, score settled.

    Image - 3

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     Tag: Chanteur-de-Vent  #1

    Title: The Story of prince Charming and princess Rebellina

    Image 1
    Prince Charming was a only a half-blood (what you could see in his not perfectly white hair), so he knew he couldn't just marry a regular princess without leaving his castle. He had to perform an act of heroism and save one of those enchanted princesses, that were very hard to save. When he heard the Queen of Darkness abducted princess Rebellina and captured her inside a crystal coffin, he knew it was his chance. Off he went to the castle of the Queen. "Bring me the Floating Red Stone"  the queen said "and I'll free your beloved princess".

    Image 2
    After months of searching, the prince finally found the floating stone, deep into a godforsaken swamp. He defeated the guardian of the stone easily and hurried back to the queen.

    Image 3
    Unfortunately, princess Rebellina already had a beau she wanted to marry. But since he wasn't a prince, he couldn't apply for the job the Queen of Darkness asked. It was known, that only princes can save princesses. Yet, it didn't stop the suitor from taking Rebellina with him, once she and prince Charming left the castle. 

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    Tag: purrkat #2

    Come in - said the spider to the fly.

    Sue Lin couldn't explain her attraction to the stone mansion next door. It slipped into her dreams at night and crept about in the corners of her mind by day. One morning, she found herself knocking on the side door. The woman who answered seemed to expect her, welcoming her inside. "Brother Luther" cooed Sylvia, "this is Sue Lin our neighbor who has come to visit." His eyes met hers and an electric current passed between them. She felt compelled to explain, "I am new to this country. I have never been inside an American castle." She said, "All my family still live in China." He smiled, the glow flowing through her, making her blush. "Well then, have some wine and I will give you a tour. Although, it isn't really a castle but a replica built by an eccentric, which is proving to be quite the fixer upper. "

    "Here is my work room. When I'm not renovating, I make figurines for table top fantasy/sci-fi games. This is a cat warrior." His voice was low and smooth, soothing. "But, you're not the fantasy type... are you? I'm thinking, romance novels... "Oh, she heard herself say, "Yes, do... do you believe in true love. Love at first sight?" His eyes met hers, making her heart beat fast against her chest. "Yes, I do. I have been waiting for you." Sue Lin's head spun, her knees gave way and as her vision filled with tiny black dots, she felt herself falling.

    When she came to, she could feel him holding her close, she felt peace and surrender. They were surrounded by candles, "What place is this?" She whispered. His voice was gentle in her ear, "Why my sweet one, pure of heart, this is a shrine to you. This is where we become one forever... my love."

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    tag:luci45 #5
    The Artifact
    image #1: Discovery

    image #2: Capture

    image #3: Happy Home

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    TAG: obanion#02
    Title: Scooby-Doo and the Phantom of West Park Cathedral
    <Image #1>
    Image Title: Seeing Is Believing
    Stratton never really believed the reports and rumors that the old, decrepit West Park Cathedral was haunted by the restless spirit of a jilted lover -- until the night he saw it with his own two eyes!

    <Image #2>
    Image Title: The Back-Story -- A Spurned Lover, a Dark Betrayal, a Double Tragedy
    Laurel and Conrad were lovers, back in the nineteen thirties.  But Conrad was something of a gold-digger and, sadly for Laurel, she didn't have enough gold to keep Conrad's interest.  So Conrad turned his attentions toward Vanessa, the socialite daughter of the richest man in the state.

    To be used so callously, and then cast aside in favor of another, caused Laurel's mind to snap.  Laurel crashed Conrad and Vanessa's private wedding, and vowed revenge before bolting from the chapel.  Later, during the reception, Vanessa had to visit the ladies' lounge -- only to find Laurel waiting for her.  After doing in her rival for Conrad's affections, Laurel turned the knife on herself....

    <Image #3>
    Image Title: Who You Gonna Call (When the Call to the Ghostbusters Rolls to Voice-Mail)?
    Stratton called his old college friend Velma (he knew she had always been into that supernatural s**t) who, in turn, called her new friends, Martin and Alexis.  They met at the steps to the old Cathedral, and immediately began to investigate.

    It didn't take long to discover that the whole thing was a hoax; Martin and Stratton found the hologram projector hidden in a light fixture in the Ladies' Lounge, and Alexis and Velma found the perpetrator -- a local realtor, who had hoped to cash in on a pending real-estate deal....

    The plan had been to promote the story of a vengeful spirit that was haunting the Cathedral, in order to drive down the value of the property, so that it could be snapped up on the cheap, and then re-sold to the developers of a new regional shopping mall.

    <Image #4>
    Image Title: Busted!
    "And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn't have been for those meddling kids!"

    "Oh, please," Velma said tiredly, "not that hoary old line again!"


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    Gopherus #5 

    The Pet Contest

    Part One – St. Brutus' Goes on a Road Trip

    Even St. Brutus' Centre for Incurably Criminal Children let s the children out once a year to bring their pets to a competition with the other incurable institutions.  They look so forward to it... well, they actually look forward to anything  that get s them outside the walls. 

    Part Two – Registration

    All competitors must register their animals and demonstrate their talents.  The headmistress does the registration, the interviews and the judging.  Of course, there is a good deal of mayhem to be expected. 

    Part Three – The Winner

    the Head Mistress announces "And the winner is...  for the 3rd year in a row... my grandson and his rubber chicken!"  the crowd is not pleased!!  Surely she would know better than to mess with the incurably criminal?  Even her grandson is fleeing for his life!

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    The Artists

    Part 1: Home Studio

    Eddie and Susie had recently set up house together, and more importantly set up a shared studio.
    Eddie was an acclaimed Set Designer, whose work could be seen in many big productions on stage, TV and film. But he eschewed new-fangled technology like computer modelling, preferring hand-crafted physical models.
    Susie was a talented Botanical Artist, whose work could be found in many galleries. She too was strictly old-school: paper, pencil and watercolour were her tools of choice.

    Part 2: Eddie's Field Trip

    Susie was keen to support Eddie in his work, so when he announced that he was going on a field trip to source some decor ideas she was happy to accompany him. His destination was a stately home converted to an upmarket hotel, so they both had a great time!

    Part 3: Susie's Field Trip

    When Susie announced her latest field trip, Eddie thought it only fair to accompany her. But he hadn't realised that it would be quite literally a field trip - and he was not an outdoor sort of person. Not with the hay fever. Nor the unmanly fear of biting insects.

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    Title: All In The Family

    Part 1: Black Sheep

    Family gatherings suck. Cousin Urm is the only child of our resident evil kin. It's bad enough that she's an only child -- she's also the worst kind of spoiled brat that the universe could possibly spawn. I think she'd like nothing more than to pretend my family and I don't exist, but I have too much of my father in me to let the purple princess treat me as though I'm invisible. Which is why, every week like clockwork, after the dishes have been cleared and everyone over the age of 480 has retired for port, Urm and I quietly find a secluded place where we can do our best to murder each other. So far, tonight has been rough. But I'm not ready to concede defeat by a long shot. Hell, no.That Purple Prima Donna is going down.

    Part 2: LambsTo The Slaughter

    I'm not entirely sure how this happened.  One moment, I was gleefully casting magic missile at my dear cousin and the next moment I… wasn't. It isn't surprising that we got caught in the forbidden act of hurling spells at each other.  We might have, um, accidentally started the garden on fire.  But the house is made of solid granite, so it isn't like we could have done any real damage. Our fathers didn't quite see it that way. Which is why I'm here. With Urm. In the throne room of the Spider Queen. Asking for penance. The good news is that we aren't going to be summarily executed. The bad news is that we're being sent on a quest. To kill something. And, while I don't know what a Grell is, the look on Urm's face strongly suggests she does. Until now, my cousin and I hadn't agreed on a single thing in our lives. However, that's all about to change -- because neither of us has any desire to kill a Grell…

    Part 3: Pass The Peace Pipe, Sister

    Every cloud has its silver lining.  And in this case, the silver lining is a cloud -- of smoke, that is.  It seems that the Grell's last meal was fond of his hookah, because he'd brought it along for luck when he'd attempted to slay the tentacled beast. Alas, it wasn't very lucky. Or tasty.  The Grell had regurgitated the pipe right along with the bones of its former owner. Now, as we sit surrounded by soothing pipe smoke, Urm and I discover we agree on many things, including that our weekly attempts at killing each other certainly saved our butts today.  It took every nasty, underhanded, sinister spell in our arsenal to subdue and slay the wretched Grell. Alas, if our fathers thought that this episode would quell our desire to cast spells on the front lawn, they were dead wrong.  In fact, I suspect that their punishment is going to have quite the opposite effect from what they'd intended. Our adventure was too much fun. And who knows?  Maybe next week, we'll go after an aboleth. Or a dretch. Or maybe even a dragon. Or... maybe we'll just set the petunias on fire and call it a day. 

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