Resetting Genesis Installers for 4.5 upgrade

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I've seen some discussion that certain Genesis items may need to be reinstalled after the 4.5 upgrade.
So, I'm wondering if there are newer installers available for Genesis products that I've installed, do I need to install the newer versions in all situations?

For instance. I purchased A3 and H3 shapes for Genesis. I installed the 1.0 version. There is now a 1.1 version available. Should I reinstall this newer version? Is it prudent to do this even if the A3 and H3 products currently appear OK after the 4.5 version upgrade?

Thanks for your help


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    I would always get the latest version of Content. There may be things fixed that you just haven't noticed yet as well.

    The main problem has been the Duplicate IDs errors, and the latest versions of Genesis products cure this.

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    Thank you for the info :)

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    I had to do eight at my DS update to 4.5. no biggie when you know.

    Tip: it's much better if you always create the uninstaller for genesis stuff. Uninstall update BAM done.

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