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Well I ran into a problem that i dont seem to be able to solve so if somebody could point me
in the right direction I sure would be grateful.

Im trying to convert a 3DS file (Hexagon) to a sculpty for second life or any other opensims. I can open the
the 3DS file no problem in hexagon but when i export it I get a second life tga file, it will not make a sculpty
with the file. In fact I cant even open the tga file that hexagon creates.

If anybody can help me i sure would be grateful

Thanks all



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    The TGA is a texture file, and it IS the sculptie.

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    You can't use an imported mesh to make a sculpty in Hexagon. There are Second Life Primitives in Hexagon, and you MUST use these, and you must not change the vertex count, you can only shape them.

    I believe that the way of creating prims for SL has changed recently, so you can maybe now use 3DS objects, but not by exporting as a tga from Hexagon.

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    Well if I cant do it in Hexagon then is there any other way of converting the 3DS or another
    type of of file to a sculpty?

    Also thanks for the replys back.


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    I think you first need to find out what format the file needs to be in to use in SL. I have no idea. Surely there is some kind of information on their site as to what you can use, and what format it needs to be in?

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    In order to create a sculpty in any opensim including Second Life, You need to have a sculpty map that is created
    in some software like hexagon, ac3d, etc. Its usually a TGA file.

    What Im after is trying to create sculpty maps for boat hull using a design program that will let you save
    the hull design in different formats like 3ds and some others. The world that Im now in does not except
    any type of mesh and uses scupty maps only.

    I dont have the time to sit down and create sculpty maps of hulls and just want to be able to
    load the file into software and let it create, convert it to the map for me.

    I would think that with all the talened software writers that somebody had already done that. I thought
    Hexagon would do it for me but i guess im wrong about it. Not all software uses mesh in them and probably
    never will.

    If I'm not correct on any of this please correct me and point me in the right direction.

    Thanks for you help


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    Hexagon, as I'm sure you know, has a selection of Sculptie Prims, from which it makes TGA maps. The idea is that you use these as a basis for your model by moving vertices around in 3D space, but not removing or adding vertices, until you get the required shape.

    I have never heard of a program that can convert a 3DS or OBJ format mesh into another mesh with a predetermined number of vertices. I would have thought that the place to ask would be on the SL forums. The SL sculpties were added to Hex quite a few years ago, and I don't know if anyone still uses these or not, or if they even still work.

    Anyway, Hex is a modelling program, and all it supplies is the basis for creating Sculpted Prims, or any other kind of mesh. I only ever heard of a few members here who were involved in SL, so I'm sorry, but you may not get any answers here.

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