Exporting scenes and/or characters to another computer

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Hey all, it's been awhile since I've been around (lots have changed, including the forum). Anyways, I've recently put DS4 on my laptop so I can do some work while I'm away from home. But I'm having a problem getting my characters from one computer to the other. I usually save my characters as scenes versus presets but if I try to port them over to the other computer, the files aren't all there to read. I've also tried to export them as dae. files but that's not working either, which is weird because I used to be able to do that but when I open them up on the new computer, it ports in all twisted up beyond recognition.

Any help would be appreciated. And I hope I posted this question in the right section.


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    DS 4.5's .duf scene file is designed to be portable, as long as the same content is installed on both machines. .daz files are trickier - you need to load the Poser content (figures, props and morphs - no need to pose or apply materials) into an empty scene and save that before the scene from the other machine will open.

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    I have DS4 Pro. I'm not sure if I have 4.5 or not. I've looked under both save as and export and went through the various options and haven't seen a .duf extension.

    RE: .daz files. Okay, then I'm halfway there I guess? When I loaded the .daz files onto the new computer into an empty scene before, it registered that the material is there, I just can't see it. Since I couldn't see any of it I assumed it was loading wrong or something. So I need to (if I'm understanding you right) load the file into a blank scene, save it, and then I'll be able to see it?

    And thankx for the help.

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    Yes, that's correct. Load the items into a blank scene, inject morphs if needed, and save it -- after that you can delete the dummy scene.

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