Shader Spider will not install in windows 7

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I'm trying to install shader spider on my new laptop running Windows 7 home premium 64. When I try to run the application, I get the warning if I want to run it, press yes and then nothing happens. I've tried to run it as admin, compatinility mode, nothing helps. Are the old installers incompatible with Win7?

Next question, if I'm able to install it, will it work with Poser Pro 2012? I think Phyton changed somewhat, will old scripts based things still work?


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    Was it even working with 8? Anyway, as it's almost certainly a compiled (.pyc) script I'm pretty sure the answer is no for Poser 9/2012. However, isn't this one of the scripts that was released into the public domain by the author? As for the installer, is it a new download? If so, see here

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    The Shader Spider product pages states "Poser 6 SR3, Poser 7 only."
    I was unable to get this to work in Poser 8 in the past.

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    I do think it was working with Poser 8, I've used it with that one a number of times, but I may be wrong. I've read the thread about the installers, hopefully a permanent fix can be found for this issue. If Shader Spider hasn't been updated, it will not work with Poser 9/2012 for sure, since they're using a different version of python as far as I know. At least I read about people having issue with scripts and a number of scripts I do have have received updates to work with P9/2012. I'm going to look around for an alternative for Shader Spider, thanks everyone for your help!

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