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i'm totally new to daz studio, bryce and hexagon. just barely learning to use poser 7. have learned how to use photoshop and been using paint shop pro for years. as i like creating my own artwork, learning all i can about the programs i have is a long-established goal. hopefully i'll be able to use the three programs i haven't yet learned to use. if anyone can give help, or provide tutorials to get me going, i would really appreciate it. hope to be using all within a few weeks for basic creations, but i realize it may be years to master them to the degree of being a good artist. thanks.



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    Hey chess, welcome to the DAZ forums. You probably should hang out in the New Users Help forum here  --> http://www.daz3d.com/forums/categories/97/ Just don't be afraid to ask questions, as I'm sure you'll receive responses from our very helpful community volunteers and others who are familiar with the problem you may be having.

    Also, drop in to the the New Users Contest and Events forum here  --> http://www.daz3d.com/forums/categories/506/ and upload renders for constructive critique and help with making them better as you learn to use the software.

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    There are a lot of tutorials around, but you'd be better to wait until you have a specific question or technique you want to learn, then ask. Or make up a list of the types of thing you're interested in learning and post it in a thread with an appropriate title - ie 'Looking for tutorials on....'


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    Or pop into the New Users Forum and ask questions, it's what it is there for, and we are very friendly there.

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