Cannot export objects from Bryce 7.1

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I was hoping to export an object I had created in Bryce as an .obj or .3ds file, but the "Export Object" option in my File menu is grayed out. This function used to work on my old Toshiba. I just bought an ASUS with a CORE i3 processor and did a fresh install of Bryce. Any ideas how to get the export functionality back?


  • Rashad Bryce-CarraraRashad Bryce-Carrara Posts: 1,678
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    If the model is boolean in any way you must ensure that all parts are either positive or negative. Then you must collapse or convert the boolean into a mesh before the export option opens up. Hope this helps.

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    OK, thanks. I had forgotten that step. My Toshiba bit the dust a few months ago, so I hadn't been able to do much in Bryce or DAZ recently. My interim computer was sorely lacking in CPU power, so I just did a few basic things on it. I'll have to retrain myself on some aspects of both programs now that I have a half-decent machine.

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