Garibaldi Express and Genesis 3 Female

I was wondering if anyone else has come across this problem with Garibaldi Express: I am attempting to 'hair' Genesis 3 Female, have selected the face and torso (as the back of the head is now in the torso section) as my active surfaces, and have attempted to 'paint' as I would normally with other Garibaldi hair fun. However, the 'paint' is refusing to go onto the torso, which is odd because it would on, say, the Millenium Cat. I've emailed the Garibaldi express website but was wondering whether or not someone else has come across this and has a work around or a solution? Thanks!


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    There is an issue, and there is a thread somewhere - I'd suggest googling it - offering a work-round; sorry but I can't remember what it was.

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    I thought I had a plan, but it wasn't...


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    its the new UV mapping no doubt

    export an obj at base resolution witrh UV's collapsed and load it in surfaces as a new UV set and save as a UV asset

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    The earlier figures used a "stacking" uv map system. G3 uses UDIMS mapping that places each map in a different UV space. Garibaldi - like many other paint apps - doesn't recognize this mapping system so can only see the first (face) map because it is in the UV space Garibaldi can see.

    However, the rest of the tabs don't require the UV to function so, once you import proper maps, you can create hair normally.

    Here are some basic maps I created a while ago. If you don't know how to import maps into Garibaldi, I have detailed instructions a few posts lower down from there.

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