Poser corrupts file after export to FBX

Just a heads up with regards to an issue I've had where certain saved poser files causes Poser (Game Dev 2014) to crash when opening them later on. I believe they're being corrupted. 

The process I used:

1] Load a M4 or V4 figure.

2] Clothe them

3] Combine Figures

4] Export (the new combined figure) to FBX

5] Save the Poser file

At this point the Saved Poser file (not the FBX) is now corrupt and will not open again without a crash occuring. 

The workaround I'm using is to not save the Poser file after exporting to FBX. But since I'm the cautious type I just save-as to a new file before the export, just to be on the safe side. 

I hope this prevents other Poser users from losing hours of work as it did me. 




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    After some more testing I found that it has to do with some of the daz clothing, rather than anything inbuilt within Poser.

    And not with all models either. So it's intermittant and termperamental. 

    While on the subject matter, if anyone finds that their Poser file cannot be open after using it with Reality Render, the cause of it is due to saving your Poser file while Reality window is open .. it will corrupt it almost every time.

    Thankfully the fix for that is to open the Poser file within Notepad+ and remove the Reality stuff from the addonData line, found at the bottom of the file. 


    addonData    {"com.preta3d.Reality": {"patchVersion": 1, "cameras":...." 


    Hope this helps anyone else. 

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