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Hi, I am retaking some hexagon videos today and having problem figuring out what is being click to make the genesis model and shirt different colors. Attached picture show show the blue and green shirt with genesis model but on mind it all gray and hard to tell what is what. What am I missing? How do I get the blue and green to show up.


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    The colors are "materials", or as hexagon calls them, "shading domains".

    Assuming that the attached image comes from the tutorial video, then it appears that the author has defined the sleeve(s) as one material and colored it/them green, and defined the body as another material and assigned the color blue.

    Click the little arrow to the left of your screen to open the materials window and see if your shirt already has materials defined for it and we'll go from there.

    Where did you get the shirt model from?

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    Hi, for this posting I am using this tutor:

    I found the side window and I found the shader domains.


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    KimberSue said:
    I found the side window and I found the shader domains

    So you were able to apply colors then?

    I ask just to make sure your problem is solved and not leave you hanging in case the answer is no. :)

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    Don't forget to rename either the shading domains and/or the materials. :0)

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