Using existing DAZ Studio data in Poser 2014?

I have done internet searches on this, but I seem to keep getting articles that tell me how to tell the Install Manager to install for Poser. I already have DAZ Studio, and want to use those that have Poser info IN Poser. Do I have to double install or something? Telling Poser to look at the folder containing my DAZ Library (the one that holds the Runtime folder) simply gets me three or four things like props and clothing. The instructions I keep finding read (to me) as if I'm telling it to install to Poser INSTEAD of using DAZ Studio.

Could someone run me through the process? (And this is REALLY embarrassing, because I was originally playing with Poser in the days when DAZ was just a content provider for Poser. I remember the foofarah over them wanting to build Studio. Needless to say, I stopped doing 3D stuff for some time. *laugh*)

If I need to reinstall the data again, only this time pointing at my Poser directory, let me know, and I'll do it, if someone can tell me how to do it without having to uninstall from Studio.


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    Adding your DS content library as a Poser Runtime should enable you to access your content in poser format in its library. What is missing when you do this?

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    Pretty much any of the figures that have Poser information. Quite a few of them have Poser info as part of the install, so they should be available, or so I thought. I have as far back as Aiko 3, and Victoria 4, so those should be available, right? I also have the DSON importer. (Might need to check WHERE that installed...)

    Just to make sure everyone knows (I didn't necessarily make it as obvious as I might have in the original post), I am pointing at the DAZ My Library folder, which contains the Runtime folder. I am NOT pointing it at the Runtime folder itself.

    ETA: Realized that the only things I DO see are those 3rd party things that I manually installed, and not all of them, either.

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    Leana said:

    Adding your DS content library as a Poser Runtime should enable you to access your content in poser format in its library. What is missing when you do this?

    While I have my older figures in seperate external runtimes, I installed my Genesis items into my Studio Content directory, and I installed the Poser Companion files for those items there too.  When added to the Poser libray, the PC files show up in the LIbrary. 

    The DSON Importer needs to be installed to the Poser Program folder.  I use the last beta version because the cuttent release version distorts the mesh of Genesis 2 and 3.  This version may be in your account here; this link should work if you are logged into your account here...

    If it's not there, the released version is here...

    Grab the appropriate installer for your operating system  (get the 32-bit version for  Poser 9 and 10, in case anyone using them happens across this thread) and point it to the PP2014 program directory...


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  • Huh - when I check in the Install Manager, it tells me that it install the DSON Importer right where it should go - right in the 64-bit Poser Pro 2014 folder. Just downloaded the beta and will see where things go from there...

    Thanks to everyone, by the way. I hope to get this solved, but even if I don't, you guys are being as helpful as can be, and I appreciate that.

  • I am an idiot - I have a DAZ folder in my personal folder under Users on my Mac, and that's the one I was trying to find everything in.

    It's all installed under the SHARED user folder. Amazingly enough, when I told Poser to look at THAT folder, I found everything I was missing! What a shock! (Please read that last sentence with enough sarcasm to stun a herd of elephants into insensibility.)

    I can find everything now! *facepalms hard enough to leave a mark*

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