Wow, the forum is at a crawl for me, anyone else?

Wiccan1Wiccan1 Posts: 198
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Hello, The forums seem to be at a crawl for me today and a bit last night. Anyone else getting this?

Hopefully it s just me connection? This is a normally quiet time of the week. :red:


  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 28,693
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    It was crawling for me earlier, and I thought it was the site, or maybe my browser, possibly even the PC as it is hot here and it's running slightly wamer than normal, so I logged out, closed my browser and rebooted the PC. It seemed to fix the problem, but as I did it all I am not certain which bit was causing the slowdown :long:

  • Kendall SearsKendall Sears Posts: 2,992
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    Seems OK here in flyover country.


  • Miss Bad WolfMiss Bad Wolf Posts: 18,655
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    It seems to go faster on my tablet than my notebook.

  • T JaimanT Jaiman Posts: 540
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    Fine here, on the Left Coast. (West Coast US - California).

    Wow, the forum post-order really IS random. Last page...

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  • ReDaveReDave Posts: 815
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    It crawled for me too yesterday. I also have a gigantic memory leak with the latest Opera (500MB for 18 tabs? :ohh:)

  • Super NewbSuper Newb Posts: 0
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    Seems slow for me everytime I get on the new forums. But then again, I got pretty questionable "high speed" internet out here Bo-Funk Arkansas....

  • tsaristtsarist Posts: 1,097
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    It's working fine (speedwise) for me.

    Now if I could actually FIND various threads I was keeping track of, that would be nice.

  • frank0314frank0314 Posts: 10,815
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    Speed is just fine for me, but i keep getting logged out. Grr....

  • Super NewbSuper Newb Posts: 0
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    Actually, I am at work today, and there doesn't seem to be a "speed" problem - I guess it's just my lousy connection at home....

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