Manga Studio 5/CSP Symmetrical Rulers

Ok... I am tired of running around the internet looking for answers to this... each time I try to start an account on Runtime DNA, I am sent here.  

SO you're my only hope, Obi Wan...

I am having a problem with using the symmetrical ruler on my recently acquired CSP program. I am hoping you can help because I have tried everything and my peers in my tattoo artist specific group are unable to help me.

Basically what happens is when I get too close to the symmetrical ruler, instead of creating mirrored lines, it snaps to the ruler and draws a straight line right down the middle (along the ruler).

I have tried everything within the program, including uninstalling and reinstalling the program several times today.

I have attached a link to the video I posted in our group, to hopefully help clarify my issue.




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