Older Poser Figures in DAZ Studio

If V4 and M4 are in Poser format and 100% compatible with both Poser and Studio, does that mean there are legacy (Gen4) Smith Micro figures that can be imported into Studio?


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    There are, technically, no Generation 4 figures that are not Daz figures.  But most any Poser oriented figure will work, basically, in Studio.  There may be difficulties with pmd (?) based morphs, but... for the most part, they ought to work.

  • SpottedKittySpottedKitty Posts: 7,232

    PMD morphs aren't the only possible hiccup source — a few versions back, Poser began using a type of weight mapping that's incompatible with both the Genesis tri-ax weight mapping, and the system used now in Genesis3. Anything that doesn't use this new system should import cleanly to D|S, although there will of course still be problems with incompatible Poser materials.

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    I'm asking because I recently installed Poser 10 and I'm wondering how many of the bonus content characters are compatible with Studio.


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    A large chunk...but I'm not entirely sure of exactly how big of one.

  • FixmypcmikeFixmypcmike Posts: 19,019

    Anything in the Poser 7 or earlier folders should work.

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    The included human figures up to Simon G2 (man), Sydney G2 (woman), Ben 2 (child) and Kate 2 (child) will work in DazStudio. From Poser 8 Ryan (man) and Alyson (woman) on SmithMicro experimented with new falloff zone thingies for better bending - destroying the compatibility with DazStudio.

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