Manga Studio 4ex Surface4-win10 issues?

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Hi all,

Hopefully you guys can help me with this. I'm using Manga Studio 4ex happily on Win7 on my old hp-tm2 for years, no bother, loved it!

I just purchased a Surface Pro 4 as an upgrade to the TM2, but MS4ex no longer works right and I'm hoping someone will be able to help with the worst of the issues below:

  • UI doesn't scale well in a large resolution (SP4 is 2800*1800 resolution), from what I've read it is saying to Windows it is high-dpi capable but it isn't (icons are too small, almost impossible to see or press). I found a fix for this to use a .manifest to overwrite the high-dpi answer (to no) but this just then has Windows scale it up by 175-200% so it doesn't look too nice (it works, just the tones look scaled and you can see the lower resolution). Is there another fix or theme or override that can be applied to MS4ex to make the UI look ok at high-dpi?
  • App sticks on change of tool; If i click on a different tool (like switching from one pen to another) the application 'sticks' and becomes unresponsive for maybe 4-10 seconds before it works again. This seems like a serious bug, not sure how this can be fixed. Suspect it's a windows10 incompatibility issue. hmm.
  • No pressure sensictivity; I've read this is due to the n-trig wintab drivers, has this been fixed or has anyone found a method to get it to work? gonna uninstall the n-trig wintab drivers and see if that helps, but with the drivers installed it doesn't detect varying pressure.

Since MS4ex is still being sold on the site and Windows10 and n-trig have been out for a while why hasn't these been addressed yet? I know many will say "oh just upgrade to MS5ex, it should work then and they update that regularly" but this solution involves a lot of money to upgrade my software which does work just not with win10 or n-trig pens..

Any help guys? TY! <3

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    Do you have the latest update (v 4.0.5?) edited fo fix my typo!


    Manga Studio 4 came out nearly 8 years ago (SM no longer sells version 4) so it's possible it may not be compatible with Windows 10; some older versions of Poser are incompatible with Windows 7...

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    I was looking on the Smith Micro site, and Manga Studio EX5 has been renamed to CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX, and it's on sale for $87 until the 21st...


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  • I just got the upgrade to CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX Pro for $29 with have to see how it goes in Win10 !

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    I just got the upgrade to CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX Pro for $29 with have to see how it goes in Win10 !

    Wow!  Where did you get the upgrade that cheap? 

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    I see they went even cheaper $20 in the last newsletter !

    Sorry in advance if I'm not allowed post link !

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    Oh, OK! That's s the price for Pro.  It's $87 for EX, even for an upgrade from 4 EX.  However, I might give Clip Studio Pro a try for $20.  Thanx for the link... smiley

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