Genesis Clothing Figure does not export with CR2 as Textures into Poser Pro

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i purchased the Genesis Trekkers boots recently. i followed the instructions perfectly for the CR2 exporter, but there doesn't seem to be an option for the UVs. Trekkers is a grouped figure, but so is the Genesis Figure. i can get the OBJ where it needs to go & same with the actual figure. but there doesn't seem to be a way to get the textures to translate as a Material or Pose. please tell me i didn't waste my money when i could have simply purchased the Trekkers boots as M4 & V4 instead of trying to utilities the versatility of Genesis! is there a way to accomplish this? i have waited so VERY long for this figure to be on sale so i could afford it, but it appeares (as i've assumed in the past) that Genesis accessories are useless for Poser users. please tell me there is a way to use the B999 High Tech Trekkers for Genesis in Poser Pro...

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    It would appear that this model comes with shaders rather than actual textures. Poser shaders do not work in DS and Vice versa.

    If you purchased the tiem within the last 30 days you can file a support ticket, asking for a refund, or you could use poser materials to get a similar effect.

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    The boots do use the default DS shader and textures, but the CR2 exporter doesn't try very hard to export materials as I recall - the assumption was, at least as it was originally made, that it would be used by content creators who would produce their own materials for Poser and DS. If the names aren't clear you can use the Surfaces pane in DS to show you which texture goes where and rebuild the settings in Poser.

    You don't get a chance tos et UV Set as the boots have only one mapping - most items will not use multiple UV sets.

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    The shaders are fairly simple to reproduce in Poser. I used this shader and just changed the diffuse colors to red where appropriate

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