Keep Track of your DSON files in Poser 11!!

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Hi Gang,

I was having problems with some recently installed Genesis 2 presets and morphs not working, and as I was finishing up typing the problem up below, I realized that folks have had similar issues with V4 and M4 when there were multiple installations. I hunted around my Library and found multiple DSON auto_adapted folders. While PP 2014 apparently doesn't mind, (the Library Search is set to Deep on both) it caused problems in Poser 11 Pro. Getting rid of the surplus ones by moving them to an unmapped folder solved the problem (I saved them in case I have a saved scene that might need something)  The correct one is of course in the Writable Runtime  in Scripts>DSON  Support> Importer Preferences.  If you have multiple versons of Poser, consolidate them to one location.

Below describes the symptoms...
Due to a recent sale, I picked up some Genesis 2 morphs and characters and, while they work fine in PP2014 and in Studio, I'm, having problems in P11 Pro;

When loading certain preset characters, such as Ysabeau 6 or Monique 6, Joanie HD, the figure loads at the default shape, and the morph dial corresponding to the preset does not work. However, if I bring in, say, V6, it loads fine, and I can dial V6 to zero and dial in the Joanne or Ysabeau morph without a problem.

Also, I picked up Zev0's Growing Up morphs for the Genesis 2 Male and Female, and they work fine on the Male, but only the 'Youth' dial works on on the Female, and I think it's scaling rather then a morph.

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    Thanks for the heads up!

  • I delete them after I've already converted DSON files to native Poser files.  My computer and the DSON converter don't get along at all.  I also only use Poser Pro 2014 for DSON conversions and Poser Pro 11 for everything else.  I like the auto save because the converter makes Poser crash on my computer.

    I find my DSON files in different runtime folders even though I have it set up for only one.  The place where this can be set up doesn't remember what location you selected and there is no OK button to close it so it probably isn't saved.

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