Galleries like before please

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I really liked the old galleries from Artzone. Lots of contacts with others, making friends, getting feedback, etc.
I know what has been said: Galleries will come later....
But I really start to doubt whether they will ever return. So I lost all my friends (snif).

OK. I have moved my 3D work to the competitor (Renderosity) and my 2D and photography to another competitor (Deviantart). But the interaction with others was more intensive at the old Artzone.
If the user galleries come back soon, I might be willing to re-enter into that community. But maybe I will stay with the others only, because they keep being up and running.

I have read that I should maybe use the Forums for putting up rendes. I might try, but it is not the same as real user galleries.

Anyone agrees?
Can DAZ please give some priority to galleries?
Does refitting a website like this really need to take years?

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    Poll removed.

    It has been said, several times, in other threads that Galleries will be reinstated, but not until other features have been dealt with.

    It was stated in fact, on the old site, that the galleries would be added later. about half way down the first post.

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    I see you don't want to hear what the community thinks about the priority setting? Well, you're the boss (I guess).

    I am quite aware that it has been stated (over and over again) that the galleries will return later. I have to say I am impressed by the fact that you are able and willing to repeat this endlessly.
    However, even though I am a really patient guy, I am slowly starting to get a bit impatient about this.
    I would think that a company (DAZ3D is a company, is it not?) that lives from selling things via a website (you do, don't you?) should be able to have a proper website, including galleries, updated in - say - a month or five?

    I admit to know nothing about websites, other than that it always takes more time and effort to make a good one than anybody thought. But in my view, this is starting to get rather amazingly long, longer, longest!

    Still,I do have a couple of years before my retirement, so chances are you are able to make it by then. If not, I might start complaining (or more likely, I will have forgotten that DAZ3D ever existed).

    Good luck with all your activities (let galleries be one of them soon!)

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    Believe you me, the Forum Team want to see the galleries return just as much as everyone else.

    In the meantime we have been suggesting that people use this forum and create a render thread, showcasing their renders. Whilst not ideal, it does help if you want others to see your images. You will notice that there are quite a few people who have already done that.

    We are not really quite certain why the ability to add a poll to your post was enabled, it certainly was not a feature of the old forums, although we are happy to allow them for voting threads in contests, where a poll is useful.

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    To be honest I never really thought that the Artzone gallery was anything to get excited about. I had a hard time looking through it and so forth. I would much prefer something different. And while I am impatient to a gallery I'm also willing to wait if it won't be like artzone or the monthly galleries.

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    I have to admit, and I guess I really shouldn't, but I do like the galleries over at Rend. I can't see DAZ 3D wanting to set up a system as complicated as their's is, but it is great with all the different categories.

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