Clothes Not Moving With Character

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I'm using DAZ3D 4 Pro 64 bit system Genesis character when add clothes other than what comes with DAZ by -default it doesn't move with the character. I'm new to DAZ, everything I'm reading makes me think I should see AutoFit come up when I apply the clothing and the clothes should subsequently stay with the character. None of that's happening.

I've also tried applying Victoria 5 to Genesis and applying clothing displayed in Content Manager > Daz > My Library > People > Victoria 4 > Dynamic Clothing to no avail.

If someone could shed any light on what I'm missing / not doing I would be grateful.


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    Try right clicking on the article and select "Fit To"

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    Frank0314 said:
    Try right clicking on the article and select "Fit To"

    When I right click on something that came with the basic DAZ install I see Fit To in the pop up menu. But when I click on anything that didn't I'm not seeing the Fit To. I'm attempting to include a screen capture of what I'm seeing with this reply.

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    Dynamic clothing made for V4 won't Autofit to Genesis. There was a thread on the archived forum on how to use dynamic clothing on Genesis -- let me see if I can find it.

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    I could not find the thread in the old archives but this should suffice:

    From here -


    Select Genesis
    Load Dynamic Cothing (it won't fit properly from the get go)
    Select the Clothing Item and in the Parameters Pane under Misc set the "Fit To" to "None"
    Genesis should still show up the the Dynamic Clothing Control Panel as shown below.

    Maually resize the clothing to roughly fit the figure

    You may also find this useful:

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