Restore hidden toolbar in DAZ Studio

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How do I restore the toolbar (the one with undo and redo buttons just below the menu bar) in Daz Studio 4.9 after I hide them. I hid it while trying to maximize my workspace and now I cannot get it back.

Reloading the layout did not help.


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    Press F3 or on the main toobar click "Windows>workspace>customize"

    On the right side pane, Click the tab labeled "Activities"

    expand the entry makered "Advanced" and then expand "toolbars" under that.

    Right click the entry marked "main" to enable or disable those tools.

    Click "apply" This will make the screen flicker as it readjusts the UI.

    Click "accept" to close the setting pane.

    Hope this helps


    edit: to clarify and add screenshot

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  • mrinalmrinal Posts: 638

    Yes. That helped. The undo and redo actions were in the input output activities set though.

  • MarshianMarshian Posts: 1,447

    Thanks so much! I kind of short circuited when I couldn't find it.

  • Thanks a lot! That looks rather counter intuitive, but once known, this trick is great ! wink

  • I used it for a while but now it's not working at all on my system. I'm using Daz Studio Pro version and I ttried reinstalling and tried the toolbar but it is not showing up at all.

    I'm on Mac High Sierra.

  • So it's enabled if you right-click on the tool bar in the Activities tab in Window>Workspace>Customise?

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