Storing prefs

Hi to all,


Does anybody has implemented a PrefComponent (or has a way to store preferences).

I've tried, following closely the documentation in ISHPrefsComponent (see below), but with no success (I have a crash when I do a get/set parameter on this component):

/// IShPrefsComponent is a component used to store the preferences of another component.
/// It can also store user defined key bindings
/// Those preferences are stored on a per user basis. 
/// So far there is no "explicit" UI in Carrara to change the component's preferences, 
/// but this mechanism can be used for example to save the position of a component's toolbar (eg motion path in Carrara).
/// To implement a prefs component:
/// - derive a class from TBasicPrefsComponent (and make a pmap for it)
/// - declare its 'COMP' resource (use kRID_PreferencesFamilyID for its family), and give it an ID (eg 'path').
/// - declare its 'GUID' resource (use R_IID_IExPrefsComponent for its parent interface)
/// - declare its 'PMap' resource.
/// Now for the component that wants to store its preferences, declare a 'CINF' resource 
/// and put the ID of the prefs component in its fPrefsCompID field. Example:
/// \verbatim
/// resource 'CINF' (R_PathAnimationMethod, "Motion Path")
/// {
///     'path',
///     kAnyPlatform,
///     kAnyAppKind,
///     kAnyAppMode, 
/// };
/// \endverbatim
/// Now in the code of component that wants to access its preferences, you can call GetMyPrefsComponent 
/// (implemented by TBasicDataExchanger). Example:
/// \code
/// IShParameterComponent* myPrefsComp= GetMyPrefsComponent();
///	if (MCVerify(myPrefsComp))
///	{
///		TMCPoint tbPos= kDefaultMPToolbarPos;
///		myPrefsComp->GetParameter(kToolBarParamID, &tbPos);
///		//...
///	}
/// \endcode




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