What the heck am I supposed to do.



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    It says 8.5 now, but I can't find 8 that has all my content in it.

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    Found most of the content how hard do you think it will be to re install all of my plugins. Eh I do it tomorrow.

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    Ok someone needs to fix the forum. I can't get here through the control panel I can't get here through searching the forums I have to hunt down my post. Anyways is there a way to save objects that has animation and it keeps the animation. Not just keeping it in the sequencer. For an example it has an animation, but if I was to import it, it would import the frames in the sequencer, and then I would have to drag the sequencer around to match up the timing for that object to do the action. So what I was wondering is, is there anyway to make it where you can export an object and then have it where I can trigger the animation when I want, and how often I want without dragging the triangles around, because if you have something that has shaders that are animated, and morphs along with bones and a few other things finding all the right components and trying to realign them is a hassle.

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