Poser Pro 11 Program and Computer Question


 I am hoping to get some advice about the kind of computer I need to get the most out of Poser.  Years ago, when I was getting a computer,  I talked with a Dell Computer salesman about Poser 7 and I told him what I wanted to use the computer for.  He then built me a computer around the program. Even when the computer was brand new, Poser never ran very smoothly for me.  I had a lot of trouble with crashing and lagging along with content installation probems and, the worst of all, rendering times were just ridiculous. Images where I had a lot of lights in the scene would take close to 24 hours to render then the computer would crash. It was very frustrating.

 I am now getting a new computer and I want have it built around Poser Pro 11. I have talked with the people that are going to put my computer together for me and below I have listed some of the specs for the computer they say will work for me. This time around, I don't want to get the bare minimum required to run the program. Id like to get a computer that will handle this program with ease to minimize any of the problems I have had in the past. 

Thank you very much for advice and help.

I really appreciate it.


Computer Info: 

1 TB Hard Drive


R9-270 2 GB Graphics Card

Win 7 Pro 64

Gigabyte GM78LMT

AMD FX6300 3.54GHZ 6 CORE




  • Thank you very much for your reply.I REALLY appreciate your help. You have given me a lot to talk to the computer people about. 

    I am really looking forward to a new computer and learing all the new things (especially with lighting) in Poser Pro 11. 

    Thank you again very much for your time and help.


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