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No I haven't forgotten about all those winged critters ... rather hoping my modeling skills will catch with my ambitions.

I just released a "feather" 2D resource for people if it helps at all in texturing what may become one day the best pair of wings any figure ever had ;-)

In the meantime, also scanned in some plans and made a start on a different ship. Not too sure where it goes from here but hay!

There's the basic start for the turbo rockets or whatever they are, started from one little ol' cylinder.


Okay I got this far.png
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    Good start - please keep us informed of progress:)

    Good luck with the project!

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    Okay ... could be awhile to finish it though but then the fun is often in the journey ;-)

    Made a workable hatch and the item in the image. Have no idea where or what the hatches lead to, gonna be fun. 

    Decided to work on the exterior as such, maybe later on interior sections but on their own. Even in the shows, the two don't appear to be very connected.

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  • Very nice indeed Patience. I much prefer to have little projects on the go, this is very ambitious of you (hence the title).

    I see you're still using DS4.6, at the moment I'm using DS4.8 but the latest version is very nice but I had compatability issues.

    One question about your hatch, could you of made it in two pieces - a cylinder base and the spokes.

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