3 DS Content Purchases, 523 downloads ?? Can I order the DVD version instead?

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So, like I spend several hundred bucks on the M4 and V4 Pro Studio packages and the Supersuit Pro ... now I have like 523 individual files to download and install! There has got to be a better way than wasting 3 days to download and install these?

Like - Can we get a DVD version with ONE installer?

I would prefer the convenience of that than the discount of a bundle.Geesh three days is worth a few bucks.

Think of the human labar involved...this is crazy. multiply it by all your customers and the aggregate time would be astonishing.


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    There will be an installer system coming out soon. I am not sure when but I know they are working on it.

    There used to be history burn but they discountined it sometime last year I think or was it the year before?

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    Yes, unfortunately the account burn option had to be dropped as it was no longer manageable.

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    Hang in there... The new install manager will make it a breeze.

    Not long now

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    DAZ_Rand said:
    Not long now

    Holding you to this, but at least you didn't say the 's' word. :P
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    (First, in this thread...) %-P

    On the other hand, think of how many DVD's you'd need for 3619 items... I think there are several hundred Gigabytes.

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    Another workable option would be to allow you to compile your purchases into a single runtime that could be downloaded or burn to disk as a single encrypted package.

    RE estimating library filesize: With the V4-Genesis typical content the average Daz content file (Windows) is about 2GB per 100 archives is my experience.

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