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The rearview mirror on the car in this scene didn't come with a mirror texture, so I gave it one and the resulting image is less than good.  After looking at it in wireframe mode, I can see that the mirror surface is a result of the structure of the mirror.  (It follows the triangle-shaped faces.)

I've tried messing with the geometry editor in Daz, but it only lets me select it and if there's anything else I can do, I'm not aware of it.

Any suggestions for getting an actual clear mirror image out of that mirror?

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    You don't need any texture map on a specular surface in this case, e.g. a mirror.... Just set Metalicity to 1.0, set Angle to 15 ~ 30, on mirror's surface.

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  • Thanks for your input, but I guess I mispoke.  I didn't put a texture on it, I used the polished aluminum iray preset which already has the settings you described above.  

    The reason for the weird result is the surface itself.  I attached a "hidden line" version of the mirro and you can see why.  I have a feeling the mirror on your car is a nice uniform surface, unlike the one on the car I'm using.

    I'm wondering what would be the best way to overcome this problem... if there's a way at all.


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    Oh.. such a topo... It seems not a Daz store product. The attached is mine.

    I don't have similar item but you may try with different Angle Values... or cut that surface with Geometry Editor, and send it to Blender for a remeshing.

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  • I thought about trying to send it into Blender, but my knowledge of Blender is limited, to say the least. 

    Any tips?

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    You could just fix it in post.

    Add a plane primitive in DS, just in front of and just large enough to cover the mirror surface, and apply your mirror texture to that. Re-render, cut and paste.

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    teechurz_7c41d96282 said:

    I thought about trying to send it into Blender, but my knowledge of Blender is limited, to say the least. 

    Any tips?

    Have you tried setting different values of Angle... it still didn't work ?

    Anyway, if you want to remesh the mirror in Blender, try these steps:
    - In a new scene, load the car. With Geometry Editor, select the surfaces of Mirror only, Ctrl + /, Delete Selected Polygons. Export the mirror to OBJ and Import it into Blender. (ss1 ~ 2)
    - Use QuadriFlow Remesh to remesh the mirror. Export the mirror to OBJ. (ss3 ~ 4)
    - Import OBJ into DS, the scene you're making, add SubD as you wish and parent it to the Car. Hide the original mirror surface and test the render (ss5 ~ 6)

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    Another In-Post solution... (no plane)

    • Do your main render
    • Put a camera in the wing-mirror
    • Do another render using that cam
    • In [image editor of choice] open both files
    • Select/Copy R2 into R1
    • Position R2, then muck about with cropping/sizing/skewing etc
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